Monday, October 01, 2007

Deleted Scene: Boogie Nights, Party Stuff

Stimulating conversations with Dirk & Jessie/Amber & Scotty J.

               CAMERA hangs with Dirk and Jessie St. Vincent.

                                     JESSIE ST. VINCENT
                         Because sometimes I feel like an 
                         outsider to the whole thing.  
                         Y'know...I see you and Amber and 
                         your relationship and I dunno --

                         No, no, Jessie.  You shouldn't feel 
                         like an outsider.

                                     JESSIE ST. VINCENT
                         I know my tits aren't as big and I 
                         know my pussy isn't as tight as all 
                         the other girls in this industry but 
                         I still feel like I've got something 
                         that works -- I can paint, too.

                         Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

                                     JESSIE ST. VINCENT
                         I dunno.  I was just never really 
                         secure.  When I was a kid, I was 
                         never really secure with myself that 
                         much -- I guess that's why I try and 
                         act like I'm all care-free and 

                         I know what you mean, sometimes I'm 
                         like "What am I doing?"  "What the 
                         hell is wrong with me?"  Y'know?

                                     JESSIE ST. VINCENT
                         I know, I know.

                         But then...I think...

                                     JESSIE ST. VINCENT
                         -- it's just fun.  It's great.

                         It is.  It's the best.  I mean, look: 
                         I couldn't be happier than where I 
                         am today, right now, at this moment.

                                     JESSIE ST. VINCENT
                         You are so fucking awesome, Dirk.

                         Who says you don't have a tight pussy?

                                     JESSIE ST. VINCENT
                         I don't know.  No one, I guess.                  

               CAMERA hangs with Scotty J. and Amber.  He re-counts;

                                     SCOTTY J.
                         So I was all, "What's your problem?"  
                         And he was all, "Nothing." So I was 
                         like...really...y'know...I was fuckin' 
                         pissed, Amber.  So then I was all, 
                         like, "What are you gonna do?"  
                         Y'know?  And he was all, like acting 
                         tough, y'know, with his friends around 
                         and stuff.  So I was just 
               "Forget it." And I walked 

               Amber's attention moves to Dirk talking with Jessie St. 

                         Excuse me, Scotty.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. AMBER'S BEDROOM - NIGHT

               Amber opens up her nightstand and takes out a vile of coke.  
               She sets up a few lines of coke and snorts them.  HOLD.

               She sets out four more fat ones and snorts them back.  QUICK 
               ZOOM INTO A CU OF AMBER.

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