Monday, October 01, 2007

Deleted Scene: Boogie Nights, Reconciliation

A very different version of Dirk apologizing to Jack with a lengthy speech by Dirk that echoes dialogue from Magnolia.

               EXT. CUL-DE-SAC - MOMENTS LATER

               The Husband drops Dirk off at his car and leaves -- Dirk 
               puts gas into his car -- Dirk starts it up and drives away --

                                                                    CUT TO:


               Dirk is driving in MORNING TRAFFIC on the 405.  HOLD ON HIS 
               FACE.  He breaks down in tears.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. JACK'S HOUSE - MORNING (LATER)

               CAMERA holds on the hallway that looks towards the front 
               door.  It opens slowly and Dirk steps inside.  He takes his 
               sunglasses off and stands a moment.

               OC we hear some noises coming from the kitchen.  Sounds of 
               someone cooking something.  The SOUND from the television is 
               sports commentary from the 1984 Summer Olympic Games.

               A few moments pass and Jack enters the HALLWAY and FRAME.  
               Jack and Dirk stand a moment, looking at each other in 
               silence.  Dirk looks down, fiddles with his sunglasses.

                         Can you please help me?


                                                                    CUT TO:


               CAMERA holds on Jack, listening to Dirk, who remains OC.                  

                         I feel like I've done bad things, oh 
                         man...I've been...if I've been mean, 
                         I'm so sorry.  I'm so sad to 
                         have been mean or cruel or stupid -- 
                         all of these things, I know.  But in 
                         me, my heart, I still have things 
                         left to give.  Maybe before I didn't 
                         know how to love or be good back to 
                         people who were that to me -- but I 
                         have love to give.  I do.  I do.  I 
                         wanna be happy and have fun, cause 
                         I'm not having fun anymore.  But I 
                         used to.  And I love you. ...and I 
                         have no excuses to give you.... I 
                         wouldn't say 'em even if I did.  
                         Please, Jack, forgive me...I took 
                         things and didn't give back and for 
                         that I'm so sorry... I know that I'm 
                         a nice person.  I know I'm nice.  I 
                         love people.  Please believe me.  
                         Please understand and see that I 
                         have love in my heart and I have 
                         kindness to give...still...left in 
                         me.  In my insides, I do.  Give me 
                         something to all 
                         those...I just want to be forgiven 
                         for being dumb...and stupid and mean 
                         and cruel and all these things I've 
                         done, I'm so-fucking-sorry-I'm-so-

               Jack stands, crosses the room and holds Dirk in his arm.

                         It's alright, boy.

                         I don't know if my dick can do it.  
                         I put so much -- so much shit in my 
                         body -- I just don't know -- I fucked 
                         it up -- the one special thing I had -- 
                         I don't know if I can ever get it 
                         again --

                         Shhhhh.  Shhhh.  Shhhh.  Be quiet 
                         now.  I'll take care of you.

                                                                CUT TO BLACK:

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