Friday, September 07, 2012

‘The Master' Premieres At TIFF Tonight

As you may know, "The Master" will have its North American Premiere at the Toronto Film Festival tonight and Cigs & Vines will be there to cover it. I'm actually heading to the airport now but just wanted to give everybody a headsup that news will be a little slow on the site over the next few days but stay tuned to Twitter because we'll be writing about our adventures over there. Paul and co. will be in attendance and we're hoping to see more than a few of you at the beautiful Princess of Wales theatre at 9pm sharp. Have a good weekend everybody!

7 days until NY/LA.
14 days until Wide.


Stay tuned to Twitter for the latest news and updates. 


  1. how will we recognize you?

  2. Anyone know where a guy can get a ticket? (myinternetshow (at) gmail (dot) com)

  3. priceless

  4. "The Master" has just won the Silver Lion for best directing and the Coppa Volpi for the best male performance (Hoffman and Phoenix ex-aequo)at the Venice Film Festival!


  5. was there last night. absolutely the best single cinematic event I have ever attended. just awesome! He said a few words before the show; I lost my shit completely.
    Completely speechless when the credits rolled, I didnt want it to end!! It took me a few hours to actually comprehend what I had just seen. It was so beautiful :')

  6. freddie quell, gone to china

  7. Wait a minute. They didn't give it the top prize because it had already won too many awards? What is this?

    The fuck is this?

  8. All I know is that I'm psyched to see it this Friday

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