Thursday, September 27, 2012

Watch The Final ‘The Master' Teaser Trailer ‘Last One / Thank You'

"The Master" is already in theatres but PTA decided to drop us one last trailer entitled "Last One / Thank You" which is an epic 4 1/2 minutes and features a ton of previously unseen footage (screened only for select journalists at Cannes). And to help you out, we've already updated our guide to the film's Deleted Scenes & Alternate Takes with all the new material. Enjoy.


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  1. Fantastic. I really enjoy the intentional use of footage that has no part in the film, even well after the final product has been released, it's like it really plays into the movie instead of just helping advertise it.

    1. Absolutely. This is a film that does have gaps in time and back story that are filled in (sort of) with deleted/alternate scenes--not only after the official release on DVD, but even before the debut.

      Curious how Freddie got from the angry workers at the cabbage farm to Dodd's boat? There's a clip of him hiding in a creek and jumping onto a passing truck. You can even see the wooden box in flames which is in the original script but not in the final cut.
      Amazing and unprecedented.

    2. Pulling this off certainly required a deft touch. The benefits are a cooler marketing campaign, a way of tapping into the spirit of the film without showing too much of what will happen in the theatre. The potential downside is that the film could be misrepsented, missold, and viewers misled. That wasn't the case here. These ads are great.

  2. Brilliant!! I still don't know if the movie is opening in Montreal tomorrow. This is the longest I have waited for a movie to be released.

  3. The 'thank you' is a tribute the great work by everyone that didn't make the final cut. So much amazing footage, must have been brutal to edit.

  4. While all the preview footage that's been released is awesome, nothing for me can beat that very first teaser with Freddie being questioned by the psychiatrist. Hands down the best teaser, heck the best trailer I've ever seen in my short film-going lifetime. Endlessly re-watchable. I notice the music used in this trailer is the same as that first teaser and a few others. Anyone know the title of the track off Jonny Greenwood's score if it's even on there?


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