Thursday, September 13, 2012

‘The Master' Is Now Playing In Theatres

Today, "The Master," the sixth film by Paul Thomas Anderson finally arrives in theatres. It's been five years since "There Will Be Blood" (which itself was five years after "Punch-Drunk Love") so we wanted to take a moment to appreciate this moment which has been a long time in the making. The film was first announced nearly 3 years ago in December of 2009 but it was not an easy road to the screen. Universal, who had originally been interested in producing, passed on the film and actors who had been attached -- Jeremy Renner and Reece Witherspoon among them -- moved onto other projects. As 2010 wore on, it looked like the film may not ever see the light of day and it was a pretty dark time for PTA fans.

Paul even began writing another screenplay which looked like it had better odds of going forward and fans wondered if his Untitled Religion Project would ever see the light of day. It wasn't until February of 2011 that the film finally found financing through Megan Ellison and her Annapurna Pictures shingle. Four months later the film began shooting throughout California on a completely locked down set. Rumors swirled, those involved in the project gave only non-details about their experiences and Paul himself didn't speak a single word about the film until about a month ago. Nobody outside of production got a look at any of the principal actors until nearly a year after the production began. But through it all, we hunted down each snippet of information, rare as they were.

And then suddenly came the first photo, the teaser, trailers, interviews, secret screenings and on and on. The last three months have been a deluge after a long, long drought and we couldn't be more thrilled to try to keep up. Now, suddenly the film is no longer an abstract idea, it's real. And it's actually in theatres for us to watch, analyze and admire as many times as we want. If you aren't fortunate enough to live close to NY or LA, the film will most likely be in a theatre near you next week or sometime very soon. So see the film, see it more than once, take your friends and remember that we're lucky to live in a world where "The Master" exists. Because it almost didn't happen. And if you feel so inclined, why not drop @AnnapurnaPics or @meganeellison a quick note of appreciation.

We expect things to continue to be pretty busy around here for the next few months so stick around, lots more to come. Thanks for reading.

- Cory & CJ


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  1. Thanks, Guys. Over the past year, whenever I went online, Cigarettes And Red Vines was always the first site that I surfed. In the past few months I was refreshing the page so often, waiting for that new update regarding anything to do with THE MASTER. Your Guide To 70mm was detailed and insightful. I am so fortunate to have witnessed a screening of this film in its intended format. Truly one of the greatest of cinematic experiences in my life.

    It helps to have trusted your research from the beginning. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your contributions in bringing this film into fruition. This IS the most definitive PTA resource.

    "'s true what they say: You Are Brock Landers..."

  2. ...btw - it's a little late in the game, but I just received a reply e-mail last night regarding the "Help PTA Show ‘The Master' In 70mm In Your City" viral campaign. This is for the California Theatre in San Jose...

    Hi Logan-

    Yes, we can play 70mm films and we are also equipped for a 6 track magnetic stereo and DTS player.

    Sorry for the delay – had to do some research!

    Director, Sales & Marketing - Theaters
    d: 408.792.4540
    Montgomery Theater
    California Theatre
    Center for the Performing Arts

    1. See if they can screen this at Century 21, err-- now, Winchester 21 ... I saw Lawrence of Arabia, Empire Strikes Back, Superman, ET, and more there -- I think all in 70mm!

  3. Thanks for all the work you guys put into this site! Cigs & Red Vines is truly worthy of Mr. Anderson. An unmatched fansite for an unmatched filmmaker.

  4. Thanks CJ and Cory for all the phenomenal work you have done over the years in covering the worlds most vital and important film maker. At 8pm tonight I will be seeing "The Master" in 70MM and it is something that means so very much to me in my life. PTA has been a wholly positive factor in my life and this site has been my favorite and most clicked for many many years now. Thank you guys so much for putting in all the time to create the definitive site for the definitive film maker of this modern world. You guys are Amazing! Hope to be here for many years to come.


  5. Thanks for all your amazing coverage, Cigs and Vines!

    It's amazing to have a group of people sharing the love of Paul's films with all of us and keeping us posted on how to experience them as soon as possible and enrich that experience.

    Y'all are the best!


  6. Does anyone know how many screens it will be expanding to next Friday?

  7. IMDb reports The Master opening this week, up 21% ... let's hope for a Blockbuster Smash!

  8. Just saw it 70mm at Arclight in hollywood...Genius, gorgeous...mind numbing. My first gut reaction was 'incomplete', just because i wanted more and could've sat threw another 2 hours. One of the strangest and weirdest movies ive ever seen in the strangest and wierdest all for abrupt endings, but this one caught me by suprise like none other. I'm so thankful that i was able to see the gorgeous shots in the teasers and trailers that were not included in the movie, yet very disappointed they were not in it. Overall, i "Think" i loved it...but i need a few more viewings to process. Structurally very unique.

  9. I can't believe I've heard nothing of a 70mm screening in the Dallas area. I spent most of my 34 years in the cultural wasteland/border town of McAllen, TX, always angry that we'd either never get various indie films or that they'd take months to reach us. I finally move to Denton, just outside the massive city of Dallas, and STILL I can't see the latest film from my favorite filmmaker in its preferred format?! This is very disappointing.

  10. Trying to find out when exactly the film will arrive in the Las Vegas area. Really crossing my fingers that I can find it on the 21st, though the theaters I called said they were not going to get it in. Limited release sure is painful.

  11. Finally saw it. Village East sound system sucks. Not recommended. The movie was just how all the reviewers put it - complex and challenging. His style is getting slower. Turning into Altman, further away from Scorcese.

  12. Went to Ziegfeld, Lincoln Square 13 and Village East. Village East was straight up terrible. Image quality didn't look as good and the sound....very depressing.

    1. Would you recommend Lincoln square? How was it?

    2. I would recommend in the following order: Ziegfeld, Lincoln Square then Village East.

  13. Just want to say... Thanks for the post and for all your amazing work. It is a momentous moment. Anyway, I'm in the UK - so pity me! I've got to wait until 9th Nov before I can have The Master's mysteries spooled out before my hungry eyes. Thanks again for your slavish passion and enthusiasm regarding the work of the Mighty PT Anderson. As a fan, it's much appreciated.