Monday, August 27, 2012

Watch The 2nd Theatrical Trailer For ‘The Master' Now

IMDB has just posted the second theatrical trailer for "The Master," which our readers may recognize as the same one we posted about a few weeks ago playing before "The Bourne Legacy" in selected theatres. If you look closely you'll get a little glimpse at Melora Walters in the teaser-length promo which also features a handful of scenes not seen in all previous clips. Thanks to many of our astute readers for the headsup!


See when "The Master" is playing at a theatre near you.

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  1. Love the difference of feeling with previously seen footage with a new score. Makes things switch up quite a bit. The first few trailers (seemingly through now) made me really feel for Freddie in a way that almost dismissed Lancaster as a 'evil force'. Now I can't wait to laugh at the con/siliness of Lancaster and shake my head at the insanity/oddness of Freddie. Los Angeles Arclight, I pray yer for real.

  2. For what it's worth, MAGNOLIA (1999), my favorite film of all time (!!!), is on the schedule at Portland State University's 5th Ave Cinema for 35mm screenings from 10/19-21...Fri-Sat 6 and 9:30 and Sun 3pm only. Also, it's free for students and faculty like me and only 2 bucks for other students and 3 for general public :):):) Sooo excited! A PT Anderson fall!