Wednesday, August 01, 2012

More Than Half Of ‘The Master' Shot On 65mm; Film Will Be Shown In 1.85:1

We have a quick update this morning while we finish up a much bigger post for you guys. Reader of the site Justin reached out to Kodak asking what film stock was used for "The Master" and got a very helpful reply. Kodak, who are the only company still producing 65mm film stock, revealed that “More than half of ‘The Master’ was shot on 65mm 5207, 5201 and 5213 (the rest was 35mm).” See the exchange below:

We also spoke to In70mm editor Thomas Hauerslev who confirmed through the film’s post-production manager that it will be shown in 1.85:1, not PTA's usual anamorphic 2:35:1 aspect ratio. Much more from our interview with Hauerslev coming very soon...

In other news, The Playlist sat down with director William Friedkin ("The Exorcist") who had some kind words for PTA when discussing which films he's currently excited about.
When you watch current films...
I don't.
There's nothing out there that interests you?
Very few things. I'll definitely want to see Paul Thomas Anderson's film called "The Master," and whatever the Coen Brothers do I'd probably be interested in. Not too many others.
Stay tuned. We should have a very helpful/informative post in the near future. FYI, we're a lot more active on Twitter than Facebook so if you like your news up-to-the-moment, that's where you want to be.


  1. Is it the exact same camera that was used to film 2001 space odyssey or just the same type/model?

  2. In the trailer you can easily tell which parts are 65mm and which are 35mm.... I wish it was all in 65mm.

    Any reason as to why the movie is not full 65mm?

    1. Which parts from the trailer are in 35mm?

    2. This is a totally uniformed opinion...but the reason it wasn't all shot in full 65mm might have something to do with cost? As digital takes over, and Kodak goes bankrupt, will this type of film stock even be manufactured anymore...the cost must just sky rocket...

    3. I'm not sure I can pick out all the shots that are 35...but I could definitely pick out which ones are 65. The photo portrait scene with the young kids is the most obviously example of 65.

  3. Nice work Justin. And thanks to the Kodak Social Media Czar for tracking down the details.

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