Wednesday, October 10, 2012

‘Boogie Nights' Was Released 15 Years Ago Today

Everyone has one special thing.

"Boogie Nights" was released on October 10th, 1997 shortly after premiering to raves at the Toronto and New York Film Festival's. The sophomore feature by the then little-known Paul Thomas Anderson arrived less than 9 months after his debut "Hard Eight" had been quietly released into a handful of theatres. But things were different this time. The buzz which had been building since the film went into production had reached a fever pitch by the time it was released. Reviews were ecstatic and many compared the young filmmaker to Martin Scorsese and Robert Altman. Everyone wanted to know just who was this 27 year old that had made such a brilliant film which went on to rack up 3 Oscar nominations including Best Original Screenplay for Paul Thomas Anderson.

To celebrate "Boogie Nights" 15th Anniversary, take a stroll down memory lane on our "Boogie Nights" info page. There you can find interviews, production notes, posters, deleted scenes and more.  We'll be posting some archival bits and pieces throughout the day on Twitter so stay tuned.

I first saw "Boogie Nights" in 1997 when I was in high school. All my friends worked at the local theatre so we basically saw everything that came out. We probably went in expecting something a little bit risqué but were totally unprepared for what we saw. I remember stumbling out of the theatre afterwards. My mind was blown. It was hilarious, heartbreaking and unmistakably confident. When the film was re-released for Oscar consideration I saw it a 2nd time in the theatre and subsequently many more times on VHS (!) and DVD. I knew then that Paul Thomas Anderson was my favorite filmmaker at that moment. But what I didn't know was that a decade and a half later he would make such a good case for being the very best filmmaker of his generation.

Where did you first see "Boogie Nights"?
What are your favorite moments from the film?
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  1. First saw 'Boogie Nights' in the theater, a few weeks after it had opened and was getting all the buzz. I liked it, didn't love it, the first time. Actually it was after seeing "Magnolia" two years later (which immediately became my favorite film), I went back to 'Boogie Nights' with a fresh set of eyes and it pretty instantly became a favorite of mine, and I love it more with each viewing. It's probably PTA's most mainstream and accessible film to date, which is crazy to say about a film set in the porn industry.

    Favorite moments are of course the Rahad Jackson scene, everything with Dirk and Reed (especially the music studio stuff), Roller Girl beating the hell out of the kid in the limo, and the push in on Amber Waves as she snorts the coke while watching Dirk dive into the pool. Oh, and every moment Philip Seymour Hoffman has onscreen.


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