Monday, May 13, 2013

Mondo Debuts 5 Film Paul Thomas Anderson Poster Series

While PTA is gearing up for his next film, Mondo -- who you will remember from their dazzling "The Master" print from a few months back -- have decided to look back. This week the Austin-based powerhouse is debuting a series of Paul Thomas Anderson poster prints this week featuring his first five features. The series was curated by artist Aaron Horkey and as per the company's usual policy will go onsale at a random time at a date still TBD sometime this week. Check out all the posters on our Facebook page and vote for your favorite or check them out at Indiewire who also features quotes from the artist/curator.

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"The Master" is now available on Blu-ray and DVD


  1. Nice! Great new perspective on PTA's movie posters. The Hard Eight poster smartly shows Sydney walking up to Jack's diner with the great Googie architecture, the ominously colored black trailer goes by to reveal a hapless and dejected John just sitting there. Great use of color in that scene by Paul. He has the semi-trailer painted midnight black to help signifying the shit that's gone on in their pasts and foreshadowing even more shit that's in store for Sydney and John. Film making at its finest!

  2. This is who PTA needs to work with next ... Vincent Gallo

    There, I said it.