Friday, May 31, 2013

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Old School Boogie Nights Interview with PTA

 Good morning, kids. Thought it might be nice to resurrect an old tradition while waiting for more exciting news on Inherent Vice, and I don't think we ever got around to posting this one, so here ya go: A charmingly youthful PTA can be seen in the video above doing a press interview for Boogie Nights, circa April 1998. The [fucking great] older gentleman at the beginning of the clip suggests this was during a tour of Australia near the end of the Boogie Nights insanity. Enjoy and still remember: Keep stored in a cool, dry place, under "b" for Boogie.

In case you missed it, last night the cat got out of the bag re: the casting of IV's now famous heroine, Shasta Fay. It's pretty damn cool that the project has shaped up the way it has over the past couple weeks, don't you agree? There will certainly be more to report in the near future, so be sure to check back on the regular. In the meantime...

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  1. I'd hit it.

  2. there is an interview with PTA where there is a question something like this:
    who would you like to meet or talk to?
    I don't know exacty what was the question, but the first person is Steinbeck.
    can somebody send me the link to the full interview??

  3. I don't remember being 24/25 and being this damn smart and concise. Wow.

  4. Hey guys, the first IV set photos have been posted. Maya Rudolph's got a part too!