Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Power Of 70MM...In A Language You Probably Don't Know

"The Power Of 70mm" is a short film following from prep to projection fully documenting a mid February screening of The Master to an audience in Aalborg, Denmark. Naturally, the film is in another language and, while a decent amount of my bloodline is Danish, it turns out approximately 0% of my brain is.

Despite this, you will definitely be able to fully grasp what is going on and not feel like you burned 16 minutes of your day. If nothing else, it is a well-produced & refreshing spin on a topic that had been reported into the ground ages ago and from every angle.

UPDATE: 05/22/13

A transcription has been generously provided by site reader Jonas Thorbjoern!

Owner of the cinema:
 Am I on now? Welcome to the cinema in Aalborg and in the moment we´re showing T. P. Anderson´s [sic] film "The Master". Not only do we show it, we also showing it in the original 70mm version. And we´re extremely proud and happy about that. We can now only hope that the audience will come and see it in the real 70mm format.

Girl with yellow shirt:
 I´m going to see "The Master" because it seems like a really interesting story. I don´t know what it´s about from viewing the trailers. And also because it´ll be show in 70mm and it will only do that here and at another place in Copenhagen and the screen should be perfect, because it´s a curved screen. And the director had a vision with this format, that it had a significance, so I´m really excited to see what effect it will have on the story and the whole experience.

Woman in cinema:
 It´s truly a great visual story. I think...it´s a flat image but the image is sculptural. the opening scene itself, with the helmet. it looks like silver but it´s completely sculptural, as if you dragged into the image. I think that´s amazing. also the sand sculpture. it should be hard to see it, you know it´s a woman but even the nipples are completely in detail. I think it´s the image quality that makes it so amazing.

Man in cinema: 
It´s an amazing film, an amazing story. there is some footage of water and I´m completely certain that it´s only on 70mm you can capture the waves like that, made by the ship. then there´s some CUs of the faces and it´s really amazing. also because of the great performances. They are all great. It´s not a movie where you think "Ah, there was that actor who was embarrassing". They are all great. So, it´s all pretty perfect.

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"The Master" is now available on Blu-ray and DVD


  1. Wow...that was totally fascinating! I didn't think this video would capture my attention since it's in another language, but watching the film operator setting up the movie & how he done it captured my full attention. I had NO idea a film was set up in that way & the power of 70mm...amazing! Thank You C&RV! :-)

  2. I´m danish!
    Give me some time and I´ll translate it all :)

  3. Cut straight to !0.15 ... the reel spinning! That's everything this mini documentary contains! And you don't need to speak Danish to listen to the silky silence of smooth 70mm..

  4. This is terrific. Thanks so much for sharing, guys.

  5. How bizarre... Isaac Brock may've said something about this, but that's walking sideways through gutters...

  6. Holy shit! *That's* 70mm? It's enormous!! The reels alone must weigh so much. I wish I knew this before I saw the Master in 70mm at the Castro and Arclight.

  7. Such a fascinating medium.