Saturday, December 20, 2014

PTA Talks "Vice" In A 40-Minute Conversation On Studio 360

Via The Film Stage, PTA sat down for a 40-minute interview on Studio 360 on Thursday to promote Inherent Vice. You can download it and store it on your Vice playlist, which should be totaling over 2 hours in length at this point. Give it a listen below:

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  1. This is one of Paul's most revealing chats. The part about watching movies with his dad was great! The LA stuff was interesting too and makes me want to give SoCal a try especially with cannabis legalization in the near future.

    One thing interviewers need to realize is that inquiring about an artist's next project is sometimes unprofessional and obviously annoys PTA. Also, the fans on facebook who were constantly whining for a trailer earlier this year are just as bad. Paul's features are always great and people simply should be grateful Paul does what he does. Thanks.

  2. I love that Paul Thomas Anderson's initials spell out "P.T.A.", not only because a lot of his movies involve parents and teachers, but because I definitely feel that deep down in my soul I have a parent-teacher association with him, where he is 100% the parent and the teacher lol. Mr. Anderson, never listen to the critics, for they will realize in time much like they did with Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrick, and Martin Scorsese that you were the new, truly original master of modern American (if not all) cinema. Imagine creating something like the firecracker scene in Boogie Nights, one of the greatest scenes of all time, at only 25 years old. Keep continuing to evolve as an artist, and please continue to put real character and real, hand-made imagery above mindless CGI green-screen action forever. In the name of St. Paul, Amen.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. (P.S. Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love, There Will Be Blood, and The Master all especially changed my life, and probably the way I've continued to watch most serious movies ever since, I haven't seen Inherent Vice yet, but I read the book and liked it a lot, so I'm sure the movie will be twice as enjoyable to me)

  3. Wow. I could hear Paul cringing at some of the questions. Horrible interviewer.

  4. I really commend Paul for not losing it with this dude. He stays so even-keeled even. I wonder if we aren't getting a glimpse at Paul's mastery of working with intense personalities.

  5. First let me be clear - that P.T. is my favorite director and the savior of bad American movies to be sure.
    Now if I could add that this latest interview is about the worst interview imaginable. Not a single hard hitting question. Even though Inherent Vice is definitely his worst and most incoherent movie and perhaps his first misstep.
    If she said "I just loved loved loved..." one more time; I was going to puke. If you're going to talk to our favorite director - ask him some tough questions or what's the point.
    Paul - we love ya buddy; and some day you'll look back on this insanely boring movie and realize what you've made.
    And if you would allow me to be old fashion; I want a story. A story that takes me somewhere.
    "There Will be Blood" is the best film since Godfather Part II - Inherent Vice is a big snore.
    And lets be honest - even the cinematography is mediocre compared to any of his other movies. And the very first scene is shot like some made for TV movie. Yikes!
    Don't hate me fanboys, don't hate me. LOL.

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