Sunday, July 07, 2002

Interview: Exclusive Internet Q&A

Written by Cigarettes & Red Vines
July 7th, 2002

This interview is based from questions submitted by internet fans.

>> What films (if any) did you use as inspiration when writing PDL?

....yeaah! to be able to answer the question which has been inside so long! I was watching tons of Astaire/Rodgers - Carefree/Gay Divorcee and of course ye old lads: Help! on repeat. remember watching tons of Tati...which RUN don't crawl and get. I recommend......the sound! the love! the affection!.........also music, must say: Joan Armatrading, Ferrante and Techer, Ernie Kovacs (!) lots of the Beatles and lots of Neil young 'silver and gold'. ever seen the moon is our home?

Monday, July 01, 2002

Couch (2003)

A very silly 2 minute black and white short featuring Adam Sandler as a man shopping for a couch. Originally premiered on Sandler's official site.