Friday, June 28, 2013

Peter McRobbie to Play Adrian Prussia in Inherent Vice

Welp, our Friday just got a little more interesting. Deadline is reporting that Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice (which has been shooting for nearly a month now) has added Peter McRobbie to its ever-growing cast of players. McRobbie, well-known for his work on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, will take the character of Adrian Prussia. Unfortunately, we can't confirm the roles that have been assigned to Jena Malone and Sean Penn right now. As all these casting announcements have trickled down throughout the past couple months, though, Joaquin & Kevin J. O'Connor remain the only two actors who have worked with PTA before.

In other news, the strapping young lad pictured in these set photos has been revealed as first-timer Jordan Christian Hearn. He has been cast as Denis in the film.

We've updated our Inherent Vice timeline page to the extent possible at the moment, so clap your eyes onto that whenever you see fit.

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WATCH: William H. Macy Discusses Boogie Nights With Jason Reitman

Spare little Flashback Friday for you today, mostly because we have a casting announcement coming in a bit, but here's a cool little Q&A that writer/director Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air) moderated with Bill "Snake at the Door" Macy at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles in 2010 over the topic of his participation in Boogie Nights. Sound's not great, video's not great, and it gets cut off at the end, but it's still got some pretty good stuff! Watch away.

Stay tuned, as I mentioned, because we'll be making a casting announcement in the next little while.


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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Wherever you're going or whatever you're doing right now, take a moment and wish a warm happy birthday to our favorite dude, Mr. Paul Thomas Anderson, who has now spent three consecutive birthdays working, in one way or another, on motion pictures. It's kind of tempting to shake your head in disbelief that the man's spending his big day toiling away to bring us more beautiful images next year, but then again, for someone so famously intoxicated by the allure of cinema for so long now, it's probably secretly the ultimate birthday present.

Thank you for everything you've given us sir. We sincerely hope the day finds you well.

Have one on us.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sasha Pieterse Joins Inherent Vice

Good afternoon

Today, via, we can confirm, as some of you have long suspected, that Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse has joined the cast of Inherent Vice. With this casting, as well as the news of Yvette Yates and Hong Chau climbing aboard, it's hard not to observe that the film is developing a small subcast of young rising stars amongst the more seasoned screen veterans and it has us thrilled as hell.

Though we can't yet confirm which role Miss Pieterse will be taking, what we can do is drop some more set photos after the jump and let you Inherent Vice aficionados speculate wildly.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

First Look At Martin Short in Inherent Vice, More Set Photos Arrive


Short but great little burst of an update for you all today. As the production got underway in Pasadena yesterday, some very fun new photos were snapped showing Doc Sportello in different threads than the other set of photos that leaked recently, as well as (and perhaps more excitingly) a first peek at what Martin Short will look like in the film. Once again, if you feel the photos might spoil anything for you, we'll drop 'em after the jump for ya.

 Have a groovy weekend everybody!

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Friday, June 14, 2013


Fanatic (2000) from Vix W on Vimeo.

Good morning, you lovely animals.

We have a very special edition of Flashback Friday lined up for you today. It is the notoriously elusive sketch that Paul wrote for Saturday Night Live back in 2000, known as "SNL FANatic". I'm not going to say anything other than this: it. is. fucking. beautiful.

Watch, watch, watch!

In other news, we've received word that Inherent Vice was shooting in Pomona yesterday and has moved onto Pasadena today. Sounds like we have another true PTA California movie on our hands, folks!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Casting News, Production Updates and More for 'Vice'

Howdy howdy

Lots of odds and ends this afternoon, so let's get right to it.

First off, you'll notice a slate of fresh new names added to the Inherent Vice IMDb page. We caught wind a week or two ago that Jeannie Berlin, daughter of comedy legend/writer/director Elaine May, had possibly joined the cast as Aunt Reet but weren't able to verify until now. Alongside Aunt Reet, the characters of Luz and Jade have been filled by Yvette Yates and Hong Chau, respectively. They are two up-and-comers who, it would appear, are best known for their television work of late.

Another small but substantial tidbit we picked up from our man @TheInSneider recently is that Josh Brolin appears poised to nab the pivotal roll of Bigfoot for the film. We obviously can't wait to see what he (or any of these folks) will do with the material.

Moving right along: A cherry article from Variety this week has divulged some specifics about where the production stands right now, in addition to discussing the status of some other pending Warner pics. The good stuff: Inherent Vice is just completing its second week of principal photography and scheduled to wrap on August 2. The article notes several areas -- PTA's native San Fernando Valley, a storefront in Slauson Blvd (presumably the Dr. Tubeside set?), driving set-ups in Malibu and Canoga Blvd, and a warehouse in Chinatown -- as the first covered in the production, but our on-the-ground source says that the man himself was seen operating camera (!) in the Long Beach area as well. Others are sure to roll out in the coming days, weeks, blah blah blah.

Next up: there's a beautifully written article on the work of PTA by a gent named Jack Welch out of the University of Tulsa. Make sure to give that a read before kneeling at your Ghoulardi altar before bed tonight.

Finally (I think finally, anyway), an Inherent Vice wiki-bible of sorts has been unearthed from the interwebs and we have been assured that it is spoiler free. So if you want to know everything about the book without actually reading the book, give that a peek here (via xixax).

We're also planning on having a super fun Flashback Friday for you this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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Friday, June 07, 2013

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Robert Elswit & Helen Ostenberg Elswit Talk Filmmaking at Principia College

Hi there

What we have for you today is a somewhat unconventional Flashback Friday in that it doesn't directly involve PTA, and it's only three years old. But make no mistake. This is a relentlessly wonderful 80-minute conversation with PTA's long-time, Academy Award-winning cinematographer Robert Elswit and his wife, Helen Ostenberg Elswit, who is a special effects supervisor in the industry. The Q&A took place in 2010 at Principia College, where Helen is a trustee and an alum. What transpires is a candid, charming, and extremely fascinating back-and-forth between two seasoned veterans of the industry. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Interview: PTA talks The Master in Port Magazine

Good evening -

We were passed along an interview this morning that PTA did with PORT Magazine (you probably know it best from this photo) over the course of his press circuit for The Master last year, and it just went online for the first time earlier today. It's got some good little nuggets, including reflections on Boogie Nights-era porno research, and growing up with Catholicism, as well as some really choice photographs. The issue was guest-edited by none other than Mr. Daniel Day-Lewis.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Set Photos From Inherent Vice Emerge; Maya Rudolph Signs On

After weeks of letting your imagination run wild about what the production of Inherent Vice would actually look like, we are pleased to finally be able to offer you something tangible: set photos showing, for the very first time, Joaquin Phoenix, in full character and costume as Larry 'Doc' Sportello, and (perhaps a bit surprisingly) PTA's long-time partner and SNL-alum Maya Rudolph also in full character and costume. Though which role she'll take has not been confirmed, this marks the first on-screen collaboration for the couple. In case you don't want these images spoiled for ya, we'll include them after the jump (though they are pretty slight.)

In other news, Ohio will finally be getting The Master in 70mm for the first time this coming weekend at the Wexner Center for the Arts. Any buckeyes who have somehow managed to resist crossing state lines to experience the film in its intended format can find out more about that here.

UPDATE: Rudolph will be playing the role of Petunia Leeway, a nurse working for a doctor who administers B12 shots. Also, we've added several new pics of Joaquin from the set. Might be best to just keep reverting back to this page for now to see if anything else makes its way out there. We'll change things around accordingly.