Monday, September 12, 2011

‘The Master' Wraps, Probably Isn't About Scientology Still

One of the single, most common things in sports is having the general manager come out publicly and start insisting that whatever rumor about this player or that manager is dominating the press is 100% not happening or untrue. And then a week or two later, whatever was reported usually happens.

At a wrap-party for Ides Of March, one of the writers from Hollywood Elsewhere caught up with Philip Seymour Hoffman (allegedly known as "Philly" in that group) and he asked him directly about some of the endless Master/Scientology reports. Their conversation:
PSH: "It's not a scientology film."
HE: "But I've read an early draft and it seems to be about a Scientology-like cult...and I've read about the parallels."
PSH: "I don't know what you've heard and what script you've read...Trust me, it's not about Scientology."
So there you have it officially from The Master's mouth. It is, or is not, about Scientology. Sleep well until around December when we'll actually have the answer and perhaps the first teaser trailer.