Thursday, June 30, 2011

‘Hollywood Comes To Berkeley' Video From The Set Emerges

Things are still very quiet on "The Master" set as virtually no images of principal cast members have leaked out despite filming in residential communities full of people. And if they don't emerge soon we may not see them for quite some time as we hear the production is gearing up to move from the Bay Area back to LA for the remainder of the shoot. But thanks to Xixax we do have this little video about the production along with a short article over at Berkely Side (which you may have seen on our Twitter earlier this week). No real revelations here though the video does feature a somewhat hilarious mix-up of PSH's name.

They've also uncovered a few pictures from the archives of Paul at the Sundance Labs in 1993 and 2000 (2). We're sure you will find them as amusing as we do.

Check out "The Master" cast.
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Look At Fiona Dourif; More Photos From The Set

Despite weeks of filming on "The Master," only a few pictures have leaked out from the set and until now the only actors that have appeared have been extras. Above you have your first look at a principal cast member as we believe that's actress Fiona Dourif (whose role is still unspecified). In a case of mistaken identities that recalled the great "Vincent Froio incident of 2006," these images were initially posted on an Amy Adams fansite yesterday morning (where we first saw them) as well as a few gossip blogs. But The Film Stage was first to correct their mistake so you can head over there for a larger look at these photos.

You may have noticed that the local spa that had proven to be quite an inside source for updates has suddenly vanished (along with all the posts in question), so we don't imagine we'll be seeing any future updates from them. We did however come across a few more set pics in the Mare Island Yardbird and it's nothing we haven't seen before, just another look at the mansion, some extras and some cars but you can check them out after the jump courtesy photographer Kim Kulish:

Happy Birthday To Mr. Paul Thomas Anderson

Despite it being Paul's birthday -- no, we didn't forget -- we here at The Vines thought you should be the one to receive wonderful things for coming back and finding us. And this clip, which is essentially additional That Moment-esque footage, is very much that and more. The highlight naturally being Paul providing a "Smiling Peanut" state-of-the-union to everyone on location.

Happy birthday from us. Thank you for everything.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

‘The Master' Shooting Exclusively In 65mm?

We recently received an unconfirmed tip from a source close to production who told us "The Master" isn't utilizing a mix of 65mm and 35mm as previously suspected but instead is shooting exclusively in 65mm. We realize you may need a minute to compose yourselves as we did when we first heard the news but HOLY SHIT. If this report turns out to be true then we're all in for one stunning looking film. Additionally, The South Wing tumblr posted the above image which apparently is the camera Stanley Kubrick used on "2001: A Space Odyssey" which you already know is the same camera currently being used by Paul Thomas Anderson on "The Master." You can read a bit more about the 65mm format at Wikipedia.

Update: Since posting this article only a short while ago, another source close to the production has assured us that it's a split format shoot (both 35mm and 65mm). Whichever turns out to be true, we're sure it'll still be a beautiful looking film. Carry on.

Friday, June 17, 2011

2 More Join To The Cast; Film Now Officially Titled ‘The Master'

Just as we were winding down for the week comes a late breaking bit of Friday news. According to Variety two more actors have come aboard the Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project. Josh Close (TV's "The Unusuals") will play one of the Master's leading disciples while Fiona Dourif (HBO's "True Blood," daughter of Brad Dourif) has an undisclosed role. We might speculate again that she is playing the elder daughter, 19 year old Elizabeth (though Dourif is 29, she could probably pass for 19 more than Madisen Beaty who is only 16) but again, that's just pure speculation. Interesting to note that in earlier incarnations of the film Paul had been interested in Deborah Ann Woll (also of HBO's "True Blood"), for an unspecified role so it's either a complete coincidence or he's a fan of the show (though this writer can't imagine why). Also of interest is that Close costarred in the show "The Unusuals" in 2009 with Jeremy Renner, who was of course, long attached to the role of Freddie.

In other news it appears the film has a title. The Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project/Untitled Religious Drama/Untitled Scientology Film usually referred to as 'The Master' will officially be titled...

"The Master"

We think we can get used to that. Read the article below.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cars! Extras! Costumes! More Photos Arrive From ‘The Master' Set

Looks like the folks over at the Stellar Spa blog are becoming a pretty reliable news source as filming continues on 'The Master.' They've just posted the second batch of behind-the-scenes images from the film with the promise of more to come. While still no sign of anyone in the main cast, these are quite a step up from the first batch, giving us a better look at the post-war era in which the film takes place. We've included a snippet of their post below and you can check out the rest of the images after the jump (at your own discretion of course).
The first set of dock worker extras moved onto the set and rehearsed their scenes. At the same time we were told a scene inside one of historic brick building offices was being shot with Joaquin Phoenix. After a couple of short dock scenes were shot, a second set of extras moved into position to board the Potomac for what appeared to be a cocktail party. At about 10:30 “all quiet” was sounded and the scene rolled. Back-in-the-day music blared, the boat horn blew, trucks rolled by, the boat launched, the party rolled on and “cut”. There you have it.
After the scene shot we spotted Philip Seymour Hoffman walking from the set dressed in a dapper greenish colored suit towards catering to sit down for dinner with who else... Amy Adams. How cool. We never made it to “it’s a wrap” that night and I feel for the cast and crew who hit the pillow the next morning probably about the time we were making coffee.
Yesterday we were privy to seeing the "talent" in action at one of the historic mansions being used as a set. Since we were up close, we have some great tidbits, etc. about the acting from Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Pheonix, Amy Adams, David Warshofski and Laura Dern. Stay tuned for more tidbits from Stellar Spa & Dana and Patrick Vandeweg...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Images Leak From ‘The Master' Closed Set

Thanks to a local Spa, some images have leaked out from the closed set of 'The Master.' If you've been paying attention to our Twitter feed, you already know that the first dispatch from Mare Island, where the film is shooting came last week with a report of filming at sea. Might be slightly spoilery for those who want to go in clean, so click at your own risk.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Mihai Malaimare Jr. Is Shooting ‘The Master'; 65mm Will Be Used

We've heard the rumors for a while now, starting with a comment on our Elswit story, but we've now received a tip from a source close to production that confirms Mihai Malaimare Jr. is the cinematographer on 'The Master.' The DP previously worked with Francis Ford Coppola on "Youth Without Youth," "Tetro" and the forthcoming "Twixt Not And Sunrise" all of which were shot digitally. But not to worry, 'The Master' is shooting on film and if our source is correct, there will be 65mm. If you're not familiar with his work, we've included a short behind-the-scenes video from "Tetro" and a Sony spot both featuring the DP at work. This will be Paul's first feature without longtime DP Robert Elswit, who was already scheduled to work on the new 'Mission: Impossible' and 'Bourne' films.

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Jack Fisk Confirmed As Production Designer For ‘The Master'

In a recent interview with Box Office Magazine, legendary production designer Jack Fisk ("The Tree of Life," "Mulholland Drive"), who first worked will Paul on "There Will Be Blood," confirms he's returned for 'The Master.' He's been listed on IMDB for some time but it's not always the most accurate reference for films just entering production. Here is the relevant bit from the interview...

So your brain is fully occupied?
Yeah. I'm working with Paul Thomas Anderson right now and he's also a wonderful director.
How is this process different?
It's a lot different because Terry and he just work differently. They work differently with the actors, they work differently with light and the way things look. But they both give me a amount of freedom which is something that attracts me to these directors. Not that I need freedom or I demand that-it's just the way I work. I first worked with Paul on There Will be Blood and he asked me about building an oil derrick and how was I going to do it and I said I had no idea. But, you know, he's like that. He'll figure out a way. And that's the way with Terry. I often say about Terry, "He asks for nothing, but expects everything," and that's the advice I give to new people working with him. Terry won't ask you for a lot but that's why he's exciting to work withI love Terry's energy and passion and that's what I think I look for with any filmmakers or even in wardrobe or grips. I just love people with passion and when I started in film, there was so much passion. And then when I was working in Hollywood, it was just boring for 15 years. And when Terry came back to doing film, I just approached it differently and didn't fall into the traps about worrying about your home and your penalties and what you couldn't do, but just start thinking about all the stuff you could do. And I've had so much fun. I'm so excited about production design and I'm just beginning to appreciate how important it is to movies. It's hard to make a film because you have so many people involved and when you find people you work well with you want to keep working with them.
Check out the full interview with Fisk at the site. As you know, the film started shooting recently so there should be lots more news to come.
Check out 'The Master' cast.
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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

‘The Master' Begins Filming; Set For Late 2012 Release

The day has come. Despite earlier reports that shooting was set to begin June 13, it appears (from reports on Twitter and the IMDB boards) that filming has indeed begun on Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Film a.k.a. 'The Master'. Shooting may have begun about a week ago but it's difficult to discern the actual start date as the production is being kept tightly under wraps. Shooting locations are described only as taking place on "some waterfront and some older buildings." Fansite Joaquin Phoenix Central has received reports of Phoenix being spotted around Vallejo and also links to an article in the Vallejo Times-Herald with a few choice bits of information from Paul's longtime producer Joanne Sellar.

Playing down it's reputation as a "Scientology film," Sellar described it as "a World War II drama. It's about a drifter after World War II." The producer said location work will continue through June before the production returns to LA for the remainder of filming. She also expects the film to have a "late 2012" release. We're really not sure where those 2013 rumors came from but you can probably forget about them now. The article also includes a tiny picture of some vintage cars parked along a small residential street with the caption "Crews film with vintage cars lining Winslow Street in Crockett, Calif., on June 3, 2011." So it looks like that's our first official (unofficial) set picture.

But with the news that filming has finally begun, we'd just like to take a second to enjoy this moment. As most of you know, it's been a long time coming. And we're not just talking about the 3 1/2 years since "There Will Be Blood." This project was first announced 18 months ago by Variety on December 2, 2009 and for a while it was looking like it might not happen at all. But now finally, it's becoming a reality and nobody could be as excited about it as we are. We're just glad we could share it with you. It's on, folks.

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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Here Is Your ‘The Master' Cast

With tons of casting news going on recently we thought it might be interesting to see how the cast was shaping up. So here, for easy reference, is your cast of Paul Thomas Anderson's 6th film, "The Master."

A man who returns after witnessing the horrors of WWII and tries to rediscover who he is in post-war America. He creates a belief system, something that catches on with other lost souls.

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Lancaster Dodd a.k.a. The Master, a charismatic intellectual who, after witnessing the horrors of WWII, creates a belief system designed to catch on with other lost souls in post-war America.

Joaquin Phoenix:
Freddie Sutton, an alcoholic drifter who becomes The Master's right-hand man and disciple.

Amy Adams: Mary-Sue Dodd, Lancaster's wife.
Laura Dern: Helen

Lena Endre: Mrs. Solstad
David Warshofski: A detective.

Jesse Plemons: Val Dodd, Lancaster's son.
Rami Malek: Clark, son-in-law of Lancaster Dodd, married to their sassy 19 year old daughter Elizabeth.

Madisen Beaty: Doris Solstad
Josh Close: Wayne, a leading disciple of Lancaster Dodd, a.k.a. The Master.

Fiona Dourif: (unknown)
Ambyr Childers: Elizabeth, Lancaster's daughter

additional cast:

Kevin J. O'Connor ... Bill White
W. Earl Brown ... Bus
Darren Le Gallo ... Master's dinner guest
Jillian Bell ... Susan
Katie Boland ... Young Woman
Josh Fadem ... Young Man
Mimi Cozzens ... Poppy
Bill Blair ... Man At the Bar
Jennifer Neala Page ... Winn Manchester
Martin Dew ... Norman Conrad
Dan Brown ... Navy Buddy
Matthew Skomo ... Navy XO
Barlow Jacobs ... James Sullivan
Jill Andre ... Beatrice
Franklin Ruehl ... Follower
Aaron Farb ... unknown
Kevin J. Walsh ... unknown
Brian Fong ... Filipino Farm Laborer
James Barbour ... Master's Cadet
Lourdes Nadres ... Filipino
Mike Howard ... VA Doc
Frank Bettag ... Sick Old Man (as Dr. Frank Bettag)
Jesse Soares ... US Army Veteran
Joe Foley ... Phoenix Follower
Harold Rudolph ... Follower
Terry Lane ... Hiring Hall Dispatcher
Nicholas Cederlind ... Sailor
Paul Yeatman ... Follower

We'll try to keep this page updated as additional casting announcements and details are released for easy reference.

Writer/Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Executive Producers: Ted Schipper
Producers: Paul Thomas Anderson, Megan Ellison, Daniel Lupi, JoAnne Sellar
Cinematographer: Mihai Malaimare Jr.
Production Design: Jack Fisk, David Crank
Editing: Peter McNulty
Casting: Cassandra Kulukundis
Set Decoration: Amy Wells
Costume Design: Mark Bridges

Check out the full credits on IMDB.

The film will be released on October 12, 2012.

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Madisen Beaty Joins ‘The Master'

According to The Film Stage 16 year old actress Madisen Beaty (whose most notable credit is playing 10 year old Daisy in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button") has joined the cast of 'The Master' and we can't say that we're surprised. Though it's unclear what role she's signed on for, some have speculated she might be playing Hoffman's character's 19 year old daughter but she seems a few years young for that part. It is worth noting that when Amy Adams was cast in the film we asked, "Can Madisen Beaty be far behind?"as it now appears that every actress mentioned in Deadline's initial story that Paul was "interested in" have now been officially cast. Amy Adams, Laura Dern, Lena Endre and Beaty have all come aboard this week. So while we're sure there are still lots of parts left to cast, they'll be coming from a new pool of names. Also interesting to note as the cast is filling out that only Hoffman and David Warshofsky have worked with Paul before while the rest are all first timers. If you are so inclined you can follow Madisen on Twitter at @madisenofficial.

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Friday, June 03, 2011

Newcomer Rami Malek Joins ‘The Master,' Additional Details Revealed

Happy Friday everyone. We had a great deal of casting news this week but we aren't done yet. Variety reports that relative newcomer Rami Malek (HBO's "The Pacific") has signed onto the still untitled (but for brevity's sake just called 'The Master') religious drama. Malek will play the son-in-law of the Master (Philip Seymour Hoffman), married to the 19 year old daughter of Hoffman's and Amy Adams's characters.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Yep, Amy Adams Also Joins ‘The Master'

They really are starting to fall just like dominoes. Oscar nominated actress (and future Lois Lane) Amy Adams has joined the cast of (the project usually referred to as) 'The Master.' Can Madisen Beaty be far behind? From Deadline...

EXCLUSIVE: Amy Adams has formally been set to star in Paul Thomas Anderson's untitled film, which begins production later this month. She will play the wife of the character played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. He plays a man who returns from witnessing the horrors of WWII, and in an attempt to find himself, he forms a belief system that catches on in the 1950s. Deadline revealed in early May that Adams was being courted. Joaquin Phoenix has also been set to play the faith leader's right-hand man, and I've heard there have been conversations with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's Lena Endre and Laura Dern for other roles. The Weinstein Company acquired worldwide distribution rights to the film last month just before the Cannes Film Festival. Megan Ellison is producing through her Annapurna Productions banner, along with JoAnne Sellar and Daniel Lupi, with Ted Schipper exec producing.
Adams is coming off her Oscar-nominated turn in The Fighter, and she will do this film before starting production on Man of Steel, playing Lois Lane in the Zack Snyder-directed Superman franchise reboot. Adams will next be seen in the Walter Salles-directed On The Road, which is being shopped for domestic distribution, and Disney's Muppets. She's repped by Brillstein Entertainment Partners and WME.
Adams will play the wife of Philip Seymour Hoffman's character, Lancaster Dodd (which was the part that had been speculated for both Dern and Endre, so there's no telling what roles they are filling.) Either Deadline is a day behind the news or they just refuse to acknowledge another source as Dern and Endre have already been confirmed by Variety and The Playlist. But they've been right so far on their initial casting speculation.

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Casting Continues: Swedish Actress Lena Endre Joins ‘The Master'

When it rains, it pours. Coming hot on the heels of yesterday's triple-casting news, today brings one more name to the table: Swedish actress Lena Endre ("The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" trilogy). The scoop comes via The Playlist who reached out to the actresses reps. With filming set to begin in just under 2 weeks expect more news of this type in the coming days. Endre was one of the actresses mentioned about a month ago earmarked for the film and it looks like if this continues Amy Adams and Madisen Beaty shouldn't be far behind? We had speculated yesterday that Dern was set for Hoffman's character's wife but with no confirmation it's possible either actress might have the role with the other taking on some other role entirely. Any guesses? Sound off in the comments.

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