Tuesday, November 29, 2022

New Untitled PTA Project Eyeing Summer 2023 Shoot?



Hope you had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday, long time no see!

This morning, multiple outlets reported news of a casting call out to an "UNTITLED CK/PTA STUDIO FEATURE FILM" on the film and television casting resource website Actorsaccess.com.

While other substantiating details remain thin, Paul Thomas Anderson's longtime casting director, Cassandra Kulukundis (the eponymous CK referenced), is indeed associated with the listing. 

What we do know is:
- the  role calls for a mixed-ethnicity teenage girl proficient in martial arts (!)
- the project in question eyes a July 1, 2023 start date.

While PTA has been known of late to take a decent amount of time between projects, he (somewhat uncharacteristically) alluded during both the Phantom Thread and Licorice Pizza press tours to having a long-gestating project in the hopper, so this development is not altogether surprising, but nevertheless still very exciting!

Watch this space...


Monday, June 13, 2022

RIP Philip Baker Hall (1931 - 2022)


Today we've lost a great one.

Journeyman thespian and PTA favorite Philip Baker Hall has passed away at the age of 90. It's really hard to overstate the significance Hall's otherworldly acting abilities had on not just Paul Thomas Anderson's first three features but on damn near every project he ever endeavored to take on, no matter the size of role. His gravitas and grace and wry wit will be sorely missed but never forgotten and hopefully discovered anew by generations to come.

Rest easy, sir.


Monday, April 11, 2022

Licorice Pizza Wrap-up: Blu Ray Details Arrive & Final Interview Round-Up

Welp, another awards season has come and gone without any fanfare or drama (har har) and PTA still awaits his first Oscar. What else is new?

On the sunnier side of things, details have arrived for Licorice Pizza's home release. The movie is already available to own or rent on all major digital platforms but its blu-ray and DVD edition will land on May 17. A lot has already been made of this, but the length of theatrical window afforded for this movie is really remarkable given the current economic climate of the biz and was richly appreciated by the likes of folks like, well, us.

The blu-ray and DVD includes camera tests, a Fat Bernie's commercial, a behind the scenes featurette, and a deleted scene for special features. Here's the art:

Really looking forward to peeping the transfer - you can preorder here.

One last thing - here's a final interview round-up for the movie, which we promised you forever ago....

Q&A with Paul Thomas Anderson at the DGA:

PTA on The Love of Cinema podcast:

PTA on SensCritique

Co-cinematographer Michael Bauman & crew on IndieWire:

PTA on BBC: 

PTA on Increment Vice podcast:

PTA & editor Andy Jurgensen Q&A


PTA - Smartless Podcast

PTA, Alana Haim & Sara Murphy Q&A - SBIFF

PTA & cast virtual Q&A

PTA, cast & crew virtual Q&A

PTA & cast Q&A

PTA - Empire Film Podcast

PTA & Kenneth Branagh Q&A - SBIFF


PTA & cast - final press interview (Benny Safdie included!)

Last but certainly not least, our friend Sam Fragoso at Talk Easy had a fantastic talk with Alana Haim that is very very worth your time.


Friday, February 11, 2022

New PTA-Directed HAIM Video To Play Before "Licorice Pizza" In Theatres Everywhere


Hello and happy weekend!

Starting tonight, movie theatres everywhere will be running a brand new HAIM music video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson in front of showings of (the now 3x-Oscar-nominated!) Licorice Pizza.

The content of the video/song has not been revealed in advance of the rollout, except the mysterious title card shared out by the movie's official social media accounts pasted above. If you needed further incentive to finally get your butt out there and see the movie (or see it a second/third/fourth/fifth time), here it is!

Also this weekend, the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica kicks off a series of films programmed and presented by PTA himself! The weekend includes in-person film introductions and Q&A's from PTA, rad double-features and is capped off by a screening of Licorice Pizza in 70mm. 

Finally, you folks probably deserve a second edition of the interview round-up, given all that's happened over the last few weeks. We'll try to get that in your hands this weekend!