Thursday, July 31, 2003

Interview: "Seeing Things From Different Angles"

Slovenian director Mitja Okorn interviews American director
Paul Thomas Anderson at the Motovun Film Festival, Croatia

I am sorry… I must say that I hate to talk to you and I wouldn't like to talk to you because I have seen your films and I don't understand why you made those films and I don't understand why I didn't made those films. And another reason why I don’t see sense to taking to you is that everything that I won’t to know about your movies can be seen in your movies because they are so transparent.

Well that is very nice of you to say. I can help you. Yea. Well that’s nice that you see that they are transparent. I think that’s what they should be.

We will talk about directing. And let’s begin with the first take of your 2nd feature film Boogie Nights. The opening scene. And from that scene we can get to know you better. Well and from that take we can get the first message about the film and first message from Paul Thomas Anderson to the whole world. And that message is: I CAN DIRECT!!! Do you remember the scene and how did you do it. With a steady cam?