Monday, January 30, 2017

New PTA Film Shooting Under Working Title "Phantom Thread"


Today, reports surfaced - further validated by the apparently invaluable Whitby Gazette - that the new Paul Thomas Anderson/Daniel Day-Lewis collaboration is filming under the working title Phantom Thread, as seen in the official signage of the production above.

A cursory internet search also does indeed turn up a Phantom Thread LLC registered to one Megan Ellison that was launched in London in August of last year for "motion picture production activities".

Whether this is and has been the official title of the movie is not certain, but it's not a shabby handle for the time being.

Thanks to reader David Seeley for his help with this!


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Production Begins on Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Fashion Project!

So here we go...

With little fanfare, or flashy cast and crew rollout, the set photos speak for themselves: production is officially underway on Paul Thomas Anderson's eighth feature-length motion picture.

Above is just one of a whole slew of set photos that were released over the past 48 hours by UK newspaper the Whitby Gazette, and seems to be the only one of the batch where Paul is visible (albeit in the background).

According to a story that was published Friday by the Gazette, the production was in Lythe and has moved to Robin Hood's Bay over the weekend.

We've kept some of the more exciting photographs below the fold for any purists out there who want to decide how fresh they'll go into this newest PTA endeavor. Having said that, peep below at your own discretion and also view the full set of photos from the Whitby Gazette here.