Monday, January 30, 2017

New PTA Film Shooting Under Working Title "Phantom Thread"


Today, reports surfaced - further validated by the apparently invaluable Whitby Gazette - that the new Paul Thomas Anderson/Daniel Day-Lewis collaboration is filming under the working title Phantom Thread, as seen in the official signage of the production above.

A cursory internet search also does indeed turn up a Phantom Thread LLC registered to one Megan Ellison that was launched in London in August of last year for "motion picture production activities".

Whether this is and has been the official title of the movie is not certain, but it's not a shabby handle for the time being.

Thanks to reader David Seeley for his help with this!



  1. actress appears to be Lesley Manville

  2. these are also very interesting

  3. She looked familiar to me immediately. Turns out she was in a British TV series I enjoyed: "Mum". And we've seen Richard in Titanic, etc. PTA's films are always wonderfully cast. No reason to think this one would be otherwise! :-)

  4. PTA working with Lesley Manville is exciting as hell. As far as I know he's a big Mike Leigh fan so it makes sense for him to cast his first movie filmed in Britain with actors from Leigh's stock such as her and Richard Graham.

    As for the title, we 99% know it's a decoy but if it's not, it's cool and bold. Makes me think of bold old Hollywood Val Lewton kind of movie titles. Not to mention, "Phantom" ties in to PTA's curiosity and thematic dabbling with ghosts. If it's not real, it's one of the best decoy titles since Blue Harvest

    1. Yeah this title is a classic phantom thread decoy

  5. Isn't "Phantom Thread" a production company as listed here:


  6. I'm sorry, I am as sorry as one can be about this but... something must finally be said. This fan site should be taken down... I mean come on, cigarettes and redvines, that's just nostalgia, now it's more like a cigarette and kale salad. Paul has become engrossed in a bubble of complaisance and ease. Starting with TWBB the concepts seem wonderful but, the films... if you're really being honest as fan, are partially executed and half inspired. Since TWBB, there has been a steady decrease in actual real goodness beyond a couple of great moments separate from a whole picture, I'm sad mostly because I want to so much to see these movies when I hear and read about them but I continue to walk away from watching.... unexcited and unprovoked (his last three movies.) Yes DDL was great, but he was also not in the same movie as everyone else. Look, almost no one would pass up the chance to work with DDL but with "untitled/phantom thread" Paul again seems that he's just gonna lean on a superlative performance in what sounds like (if I'm really being honest) his first truly out-of-touch concept for a film. Look, it's easy now, he's gotten carte blanche from Annapurna, and if he thinks these are the best movies to make, then ok. It's ok. As a FAN who still buys movie tickets, it's time for a new great filmmaker. Because, the of the in-the-bubble like nature of post-indie filmmakers doing only moderate and patronizing work (at least as far as the actual audiences are concerned) is really becoming a bummer in our time. As a liberal it seems we have even become weak in there Arts. Especially in 2017, as other media platforms and formats are swelling to engulf the feature film... We need some truly great new filmmakers. Even Tarantino has the self awareness to realize he has become a lame duck and is retiring in two movies. Maybe if the nostalgic followers and film school students take away his fan site it will challenge Paul to do the hard work again. I indeed even remember when this site had a great design and wasn't just this ehhh blogspot. Life is more complex than ever and there is still time for a few new great Cinema Classics, cinema is the lie that reflects the truth. But good things don't ever get made unless people (new or old) have both the insight and the fortitude to do the good hard work.

    I hope this movie is good, but this is where we're at. So yeah it's crazy, but I'm not excited for a Daniel Day-Lewis / Paul Thomas Anderson movie.

    1. This site should be taken down because YOU aren't interested in his films now? Maybe you should try and not be so self-important as to think your opinion is the be all end all.

      Besides that, what is your issue? You know next to nothing about this film. So what exactly are you criticizing? Shut up.

    2. You clearly didn't read the comment. It's a suggestion for a challenge to the director to turn it back up to 11. Or maybe this time to 12

    3. Actually I've personally felt that he has become a progressively more interesting filmmaker, ever since Punch-Drunk-Love. While I love his early work too, his first films felt like a mix of different influences worn on his sleeve, The Master and Inherent Vice on the other hand feel fully like his own and I personally think they're mesmerizing. His editing and pacing has become less tight, but made way for more thoughtful and questioning films and I personally love it. I understand, that this is a matter of taste, but I think your dismissal of these films not being "complex" or "in touch" are without any basis. If anything I feel like his films have become more complex.
      So hey, you might not be excited about his next film, burt maybe you should question what the films are that you personally want to see, and if you don'T like his films, just don't watch them. But patronizing his fan base seems like a very weird solution for your problem to me.

  7. I worked on film as an Extra at Staithes, should have but didn't recognise Lesley Manville, but did, of course, see Daniel Day Lewis.

  8. In my understanding Lighting Cameraman is British for Cinematographer, meaning the gaffer on his past couple films has gotten a promotion.

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