Thursday, May 22, 2003

Interview: "Punch-Drunk Helmer Says DVD Gives Movie New Life"

Video Store Magazine, Written By Joan Villa
May 22nd, 2003

When the surreal and oddly involving Punch-Drunk Love arrives next month, DVD special features will give viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of first-time Golden Globe nominee Adam Sandler’s offbeat characterization of a man searching for love.

The DVD will also explore the spare but romantic style of writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson, who also helmed the critically acclaimed Boogie Nights and Magnolia.

The special edition two-disc Superbit DVD of the Revolution Studios film is due June 24 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment at $28.96. It contains deleted scenes, a “Blossoms and Blood” featurette, a photo montage, 12 Internet teasers, a theatrical trailer, scene selections and 5.1 sound. It is presented in widescreen.

All those disc features mean “a second lease on life,” said Anderson in an online interview.