Friday, November 12, 2021

Licorice Pizza's Limited LA & New York Run To Be Exclusively 70mm - Tickets On Sale Today


Good morning!

IndieWire notes today that when Licorice Pizza opens in limited release in New York and LA later this month, it will be screened exclusively in 70mm.

Sadly, just three theatres in New York and just one (!) in Los Angeles have the capability of showing this format: AMC Lincoln Square Angelika Village East Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn, and then Regency Village Westwood, respectively. Tickets for the movie's November 26th 70mm opening will be available for sale as of this morning on all four theatres' websites in the links above, per IndieWire.

You know what to do!


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UPDATE: The ticket-buying process for the various relevant venues has been consolidated and housed over at the movie's official website here.

UPDATE UPDATE: A new 30-second trailer has emerged in support of this!

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Variety Gets PTA Cover Story & First "Pizza" Interview; Soundtrack Info Arrives (UPDATED)

Good afternoon, and we're off to the races!

Variety today published their cover story with Paul Thomas Anderson and his first print interview in support of Licorice Pizza. The below production stills aside, in the interest of keeping this site (and frankly this author) relatively spoiler-free for the time being, we'll forego sharing any excerpts directly but you can read the article in full right here

Additionally, the film's official soundtrack information has made its way onto Amazon. Again, we won't share the tracklist here, but we dare you to view it here; suffice it to say that the movie appears to be notably (though somewhat expectedly) light on work from a certain Radiohead guitarist...

We will also enthusiastically share this truly exceptional cover art:

We will amend this post when the release details, editions, and formats become more clear!

UPDATE: The Licorice Pizza official soundtrack will be released on December 10 and preorders are available right here including a nifty double-album for vinyl collectors!


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Sunday, November 07, 2021

New Licorice Pizza Poster Arrives; Buzz Builds Amid First Public Screening


Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza had its first public screening in 70mm at the Fox Theatre in Los Angeles for DGA members last night and with it, this spiffy new poster was rolled out.

Early reactions coming out of the screening seem to be overwhelmingly positive. Here's a spoiler free sample of what folks are saying:

While we don't yet have any details about future screenings or events, this is -- it feels safe to say -- just the beginning so buckle in for plenty more to come!


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