Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Images Leak From ‘The Master' Closed Set

Thanks to a local Spa, some images have leaked out from the closed set of 'The Master.' If you've been paying attention to our Twitter feed, you already know that the first dispatch from Mare Island, where the film is shooting came last week with a report of filming at sea. Might be slightly spoilery for those who want to go in clean, so click at your own risk.

Last night they posted another handful of images from a mansion where filming is taking place. The Examiner has posted a short article with photo descriptions that you can check out by clicking the link.

Check out 'The Master' cast.
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  1. So this movie is about a pudgy, red haired cult leader who, judging from these pictures, has a thing for boats? Unmistakably based on L. Ron Hubbard. I wonder if PT Anderson is catching any backlash from Hollywood Scientologists, or maybe they're just oblivious.

  2. There's no way they're oblivious. They're notorious for being obsessed with they're public image, so definitely don't be surprised if/when you hear about lots of backlash from them in the next year and a half.


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