Thursday, March 23, 2017

Philip Baker Hall Talks PTA; New Set Photos From Fashion Film Surface

Some late night treats for you before we close out the work week --

The very smart and good people at the Talk Easy podcast brought us the extensive interview they did with PTA-alum Philip Baker Hall from a couple weeks ago and PBH talks quite a bit about the three films he did with Paul. If you're short on time, that stuff comes in right around the 45 minute mark, but the whole thing seriously warrants listening. Thanks to Sam and Nora from Talk Easy for laying this embarrassment of riches at our feet  --

In other news, we obtained a few new set photos from the set of #ProjectPhantomThread courtesy of reader Luke Roulstone. If you play Where's Waldo, you can spot the man himself in one or two of them.

And lastly, we particularly like this candid moment that comes courtesy of Twitter user @MariamGonzalez7

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  1. I'm gonna keep saying it till it sticks: making a London-based film could be the single biggest departure in PTA's career. The dude has been *the* American historian for most of his career. Even the non-period piece Magnolia is so entrenched in its 1999 moment that it screams historical artifact. (I feel like something similar can be said of PDL, but I'm still working out the argument.) I don't understand how a PTA film that's not about America works, and I'm absolutely pumped to learn. Can't wait! Also, these photos are amazing, thanks!

  2. Not sure why this seems like such a departure. I thought going from his first three movies to a period piece about the oil industry was a greater leap. After that this seems right in line with what he's done. I'm waiting for him to do something in the sci-fi genre.

  3. Nice to see these two working together again. Would love for John C. Reilly to be in another PTA film.

    Of course, shame about Hoffman...

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