Sunday, January 14, 2018


Okie-doke, time to play some catch up.

In the course of Phantom Thread expanding beyond its limited market this weekend (and everywhere nationwide next weekend), an inundation of great interviews have been rapping at our door, so we're going to drop them here for you. As always, consume at your own discretion -- there are bound to be PT spoilers throughout.

#1. a 90-minute, career-spanning interview with PTA on the Bill Simmons Podcast 

#2. an also sprawling 77-minute talk with PTA on the Nerdist podcast 

#3. Rian Johnson interviews PTA about Phantom Thread

#4. Lesley Manville, Vicky Krieps & Mark Bridges discuss Phantom Thread

#5. Vicky Krieps talks Phantom Thread on DP30

#6. PTA pays a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

#8. Mark Bridges discusses "Phantom Thread" on Deadline's The Contenders series

#9. Paul Thomas Anderson interview with Radio Andy

+ Good reads:

Chicago Tribune interview with PTA | The Dark Optimism of Paul Thomas Anderson: GQ Profile | EW Interview with Dylan Tichenor: Editing Phantom Thread | LA Times: Paul Thomas Anderson and collaborators unravel the mysteries of "Phantom Thread" | Vulture Interview: Lesley Manville on Playing Twisted Siblings with Daniel Day-Lewis | NY Times: Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson on How They Created "Phantom Thread" | The Globe and Mail Interview with Paul Thomas Anderson | Interview with Lesley Manville | The Playlist Interview with Paul Thomas Anderson |  Indiewire Interview with Paul Thomas Anderson on "Phantom Thread" | Paul Thomas Anderson: Why I Needed to Make "Phantom Thread" (RollingStone) | Love, Death, and Control: Paul Thomas Anderson on Making "Phantom Thread" (Vulture)

+ Let's see now...what else is new? Oh yes! Mondo will be releasing the Magnolia soundtrack on vinyl, including both the collection of terrific Aimee Mann songs and iconic Jon Brion score. Per Indiewire, the package will be available for sale on 1/17.

+ We also will have a sweet little treat for our readers at the end of the week, courtesy of our fine friends at Focus Features, so you will most likely be wanting to circle back here for that...

Phew. Think that's it for now.

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  1. Not that it's any of my business, but can't help but get curious lately how these interviews go back and forth a lot between saying Paul/Maya are "partners" or "married". Until this year I always saw them referred to as partners, but now in recent interviews they've been described as a married couple a lot and I've also seen both of them recently referring to each other as husband and wife. At the same time I'm also still seeing articles calling them partners or correcting themselves after previously saying they were married.

    Obviously same fuckin diff, but just for the sake of semantics, anyone know if they ever made it "official"?

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