Sunday, July 09, 2000

July 9, 2000

Archived update from Cigarettes & Coffee, run by Greg Mariotti & CJ Wallis from 1999-2005

I apologize for missing yesterday's update, but I think today's news will more than make up for it...I had a chance to briefly communicate with PTA on various subjects, so here's my questions & Paul's answers:

Were you involved with the TV version of Boogie Nights?
Dylan [Tichenor] and I did the tv version of Boogie Nights and I love it -- NOTHING was cut from the film if you can imagine -- It was a blast dealing with it in interesting and cool ways -- I can't wait to watch it on'll see -- should be pretty interesting.... 

What's the latest on Forest Hills Bob?
No idea really, I haven't talked to Bob [Downey Sr.] in a while and I'm an awful producer. It's really just my name that's being used right now...we'll see...

Regarding your collaboration with Jonathan Demme. Can you comment on this quote from Demme that appeared in Premiere Magazine in 1998. "He's going to be writing a script set in the world of magic, against a carnival backdrop, and [magician-actor] Ricky Jay is working on it as well....."
That was left over stuff from a thing we were talking about a long, long time ago and has no basis in reality.....for now or with Jonathan....Jonathan is working on his Charade re-make and I just talk to him/consult about it once in while -- I'm not officially doing my thing with him yet -- when we officially decide to do something it has to be pretty special in my mind.

PTA also said that he is currently "In hibernation" working on a few "secret projects". It sounds like the TV version of Boogie Nights is a must see, so make sure you watch FX this Sunday. Don't forget, you'll hear any news on PTA's future projects here first!
I have more exciting news as I'm in the planning stages for the first monthly contest for the site! What will the prize be? Believe it or not, a DVD courtesy of PTA for all his music videos! PTA has put together a great DVD collection which includes all six music videos that he has directed! More exciting news on this soon.