Saturday, June 26, 2010

PT Anderson Turns 40 Today

happy birthday sir. thanks for everything as always.

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  1. Happy Day Mr Anderson. Enjoy your day together (hopefully) with all the people you really love. Take care. Cristiano (London)

  2. First post (I think)!

    Paul, David Thomson nailed it when he said (I am paraphrasing here) that nobody working in cinema today has a greater chance for redefining the way narrative cinema works. Heady stuff indeed - but I think it rings true.

    Particularly when it comes to There Will Be Blood... I was so excited when TWBB was being released and then when first I saw it, I could barely contain by enthusiasm for your cinematic genius. And yet, in the back of my mind I knew there was a lot about the movie that I didn't understand and so I felt a tiny bit insincere in my praise because of this. So, I promised myself that, once all the initial fervor had died I would then revisit the movie and see if it really was as labyrinthine and intriguing as I suspected it to be.

    Well, having now let enough time pass before watching it again a few nights ago, I would confidently argue it to be one of the great movies of the last few decades, as well as a timeless portrait of the often wretched, but rarely less than intoxicating, American landscape and character.

    And, being a bit of a movie geek, I am very much looking forward to the first decent critical analysis of TWBB (I will bet there are as many bloody academic corridors and crannies lurking in Plainview's mansion as there are in the Overlook Hotel).

    But much more than that, I am really looking forward to your next movie!

    Anyway, enough rambling. I just hope you have a great 40th birthday and year and that life is sweet and delightful.

    You got the touch!


    Paul Meade

  3. Happy Birthday, Sir. On this day I watch all of your films with a fine bottle of cheap whiskey. Frankly, it's the best day of my year. It took me four hours to find Hard Eight on DVD yesterday (I recently moved to the asshole of California, Sacramento, where good things are hard to find), but it was well worth it this morning. Look forward to your next film and thank you for everything.

    Keep rock and rolling,

    Brett Watson

  4. happy birthday!
    obviously, all five movies will be played today, much too loudly, and with the white blooming! and it can only be a good thing that you're much younger than i'd thought! =D

    best wishes from croatia

  5. Congrats - can't wait for The Master!

  6. Hello and Happy Birthday my friend! I miss you and hope all is well with you and your family. Peace.


    P.S. Cinema called... they said hurry up already, we need you!

  7. Happy birthday and many thanks for the wonderful work! Here's to many more years to come...

  8. So I'm about four hours late to this; so be it.

    Hopefully the birthday was delightful, and hopefully you're aware of the deep admiration we have for you. You've provided a ridiculous amount of enjoyment in my life, something I can't thank you enough for!

  9. I'm VERY late for this, but happy birthday Paul. You seem like a wonerful man and your movies inspire my music, so thank you.

  10. Belated happy birthday wishes, good sir! Please continue to make astounding films to blow us all away. Your astute observation of the human condition is mindblowing, and you've truly been the greatest inspiration in my life.

    You are the best filmmaker working right now, no question.