Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joaquin Phoenix In Talks For ‘The Master'

Potentially huge news breaking right now. According to Variety, Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to take the part once earmarked for Jeremy Renner in 'The Master.' This would also seem to imply that 'The Master' might be moving ahead first over "Inherent Vice." More on this as it develops...

Exclusive: Joaquin Phoenix, who hasn't acted since his "retirement" that precipitated "I'm Still Here," is in early talks to join Philip Seymour Hoffman in Paul Thomas Anderson's untitled religious drama.
Anderson is directing from his own original script, which chronicles a disaffected disciple's relationship with the founder of a new faith that closely mirrors Scientology.
Hoffman will play Lancaster Dodd, a charismatic intellectual known as The Master, while Phoenix would play Freddie Sutton, an alcholic drifter who becomes his right-hand man only to begin questioning his manipulative mentor.
Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures and Bill Pohlad's River Road Entertainment are looking to finance the period pic, which Universal was previously considering funding before having second thoughts about its mid-range budget.
Anderson and his longtime producing partner JoAnne Sellar will produce through the former's Ghoulardi Film Co., along with Ellison and Pohlad.
Phoenix has stayed out of the spotlight since starring in pal Casey Affleck's faux-documentary "I'm Still Here," a time-consuming vanity project that went on to gross only $698,000 worldwide. His last feature role was in James Gray's 2008 drama "Two Lovers."
Anderson is also developing an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's detective novel "Inherent Vice," which is slated to star Robert Downey Jr.
Phoenix is repped by WME, while CAA reps Anderson and Ellison.
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  1. No. Make him do penance in something else first.

  2. I find some ironies there. Please note these are comments and not criticisms. First I am hoping Joaquin Phoenix takes the role. He is such a wonderful, convincing actor. Okay this next is a criticism and a one of great jubilation. I am so thrilled he finally got off his ass and hopefully will be acting. Next I think its ironic he's playing an alcoholic since he's a recovering one. OTOH he could search himself for the role. Conversely I hope its not too disturbing. Lastly I realize he is a professional and professionals of any profession try their best not to let emotions effect their work.
    Lastly many of JP's fervent fans believe that Phillip Seymour Hoffman stole the actor's Oscar for "Walk the Line"

  3. This is good news. Phoenix seems a better fit for this role over Renner. I'm really hoping "THE MASTER" will be Anderson's next project. I'm looking forward to seeing what he'll do with INHERENT VICE as well, but I'm far more eager to get another original script from Anderson, and my expectations are pretty high for Hoffman as Lancaster Dodd. At this point, a 2012 release is not out of the question. I know everything takes a bit more time with Anderson, but if principal photography gets started by the end of this year, I think it will happen. His perfectionism can be frustrating for a waiting fan, but it will be worth it.