Tuesday, March 06, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Master' Eyeing October Release Date

Well this was not the news we expected to wake up to this morning. Though it's far from a done deal, we've received word that 'The Master' (or Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project or whatever it ends up being titled) is looking at an October release date! (So we can now officially put those 2013 rumors to rest). How did we come across this information? Well, by none other than Annapurna founder Megan Ellison herself, who was kind enough to drop us a line this morning on Twitter.
@cigsandredvines I know you guys are waiting on a release date for 'the Master', and it's still a bit early, but I'd keep my eyes on October
There are a few interesting things to note about this. This would pretty much rule out those Cannes rumors, which we had figured were a long shot anyway and put it on track to come out around the same time as "Punch-Drunk Love," though that film had premiered at Cannes and NYFF beforehand. Assuming that The Weinstein Co. will want to go the festival route with this one too, 'The Master' might try to score a spot at the New York Film Festival (which typically runs around that time) where 'PDL' and "Boogie Nights" both had their premieres. "There Will Be Blood" had a secret World Premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin around that same time back in 2007 but it looks like that fest is running a little earlier this year (as are Venice and TIFF) so let's just go ahead and cross our fingers that "October" means a firm release date. Time will tell. Whatever ends up happening we're 7 months away from getting a look at the film and we could not be any more excited.

Check out 'The Master' cast and follow the entire history of the project here.

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  1. Congratulations on the scoop, and thanks for the great news.

  2. Great scoop! VERY exciting. ... I think, from a strategic/positioning/word-of-mouth sense, coming out in the mid-fall makes more sense. December 2012 is ridiculously overloaded with both tentpole & Oscar-bait films. Would be very difficult for The Master to navigate its way to decent publicity during that month.

  3. Came across this little nugget from the set here. It's about the middle of the page:

    "Apparently Joaquin Phoenix refuses to be called by his real name, and instead chooses to be called by his characters name, a source from the set says. Interesting, looks like Joaquin may be doing some character acting. I like that approach, a lot.

    Paul Thomas Anderson seems to stressing out quite a bit as well, the source said. Looks like he's taking a LOT of shots for a pretty short scene, a three page scene to be exact. The shooting for that three page scene lasted 14 hours-till they finally wrapped it up. As PTA has said since his High School student film days: "Anything for a shot". Sticking true to his origins.

    The source also mentioned that they're working under the title "Untitled Western", instead of the traditional title, which I myself thought was confirmed "The Master". I have to admit, The Master sounds cheesy as hell. So maybe PTA will change it. However, don't let that trick you into thinking this film will be a western. It's not."

    -Thanks to MacGuffin


  4. ^Yep. That was taken from Xixax! I should know, because I'm the author of that thread. I took it from MacGuffin, on "The Master" thread over at Xixax, page 56.


    Anywho, on topic, such fantastic news! October isn't that far away, can't wait!

  5. Incredible. Cannot stop thinking about a Phoenix and PTA collaboration. Borderline homoerotic fantasies here. Joking aside I'm not sure if I've been this excited for a movie. I'm anticipating walking out of the theater completely dazed in astonishment. Anyways, I'm hoping for at least a still sometime soon!! It IS March already!

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