Friday, September 06, 2013

Actor Michael Cotter Talks "Inherent Vice"; Boogie Nights Script Read At TIFF

An interview over at has been making rounds today, wherein actor Michael Cotter talks a bit about his experience working with Paul Thomas Anderson & co. on Inherent Vice, and here's the nitty gritty of it:
What can you tell us about your role in the upcoming Paul Thomas Anderson film "Inherent Vice"? 
I play A.D.A. Rhus Farthington and I work in the District Attorney's office in LA, where I am co-workers with Reese Witherspoon's character Penny. It is a period piece set in LA in 1969-1970, and it's always fun to be able to play in a different decade, especially for the wardrobe and set choices which were both great.
How was working with A-listers Reese Witherspoon, the always unpredictable Joaquin Phoenix and director Paul Thomas Anderson?
It was an amazing experience! I think all three of them are brilliant at what they do and I felt lucky to be able to play in the same game as them for a few days. Once the cameras started rolling, they all welcomed me into the fold and were all very generous in the moment.
Any interesting stories from the set you can share with us?
One of the coolest things that we did was for one of the scenes we shot, PTA ended up letting the three of us basically improv through this interview scene. And once we all started to improv together, it became this really fun game of finding our way through the scene together and just feeding off of each other. It was really fun to be able to do that with Reese and Joaquin and just trust that we would find our way to the end of the scene each time, but always find cool new moments on every take.
Among other things, this should finally help put to rest any lingering suspicions you may have had that Reese Witherspoon was somehow no longer involved in the film. It also fills in a couple casting gaps that were a bit more justifiably up in the air: that Witherspoon will be playing Penny Kimball, and that the role of Rhus Farthington has gone to Cotter. Our Inherent Vice page has been updated accordingly.

In other news, north of the border right now, the Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing, where just over a year ago The Master was having its North American premier. There with his new film Labor Day, filmmaker Jason Reitman hosted a special live reading of the Boogie Nights screenplay tonight, in the tradition of the live script readings he frequently directs at LACMA. The final casting breakdown is something to behold:

Marc-André Grondin in the role of Scotty J, originated by Philip Seymour Hoffman
Dane Cook in the role of Reed Rothchild, originated by John C. Reilly
Jason Sudeikis in the role of Buck Swope, originated by Don Cheadle
Jarod Einsohn in the role of Todd Parker, originated by Thomas Jane
Jordan Hayes in the role of Jesse St. Vincent, originated by Melora Walters
Olivia Wilde in the role of Amber Waves, originated by Julianne Moore
Scott Thompson in the role of The Colonel, originated by Robert Ridgely
Dakota Fanning in the role of Rollergirl, originated by Heather Graham
Josh Brolin in the role of Jack Horner, originated by Burt Reynolds
Jesse Eisenberg in the role of Dirk Diggler, originated by Mark Wahlberg

So this is now the second PTA script that Josh Brolin (who stars in Reitman's new film) has performed from within a year. We are doing our damndest to get ahold of any video taken from the event (big or small), and will share it here if/when it materializes. In the meantime, there's a flourish of images from the event online now, so here's a low-quality one, as they all seem to be at the moment:
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  1. I wonder if Jesse Eisenberg threw any marshmallows at Dane Cook during the read through, or possibly Josh Brolin walked up and socked Jason Reitman right in the gut cause he thought the script was screwed up. And just the thought of Olivia Wilde and Dakota Fanning repeating the lines of my favorite heroines really gets my imagination racing. Two wonderful stunners!

  2. Witherspoon? Generous and brilliant at what she does? That was a good laugh.

    1. I fucking agree, lol

    2. Get a life, Pathetic haters...

    3. HB is a virgin man who fell in love with Witherspoon. He has a computer and a miserable life. I think Witherspoon is a really good actress. She was great in Election, WTL, Rendition, Mud and yeah, she was awesome in Legally Blonde.

    4. I'm going to call Henry Barnill a hater and a no-life in defense of some rich actress who doesn't know or care about my existence because he made a stab at her ego. #TypicalPTAFan

    5. Yes, Anonymous #2, I am feeling happiness and the feeling of being impressed because you are clever with the ability to know that films like Mud and Election are obviously code for wealth and unfamiliarity. Where can I send your internet blowjob? Do you have someone to wash your feet.


    6. Unless I'm missing something and some of you know her personally, what satisfaction does it really give you to bag on people you don't even know?

      Granted, Ms. Witherspoon may not be a saint but I doubt the rest of us are either. We've all made mistakes and it just so happens one of hers got caught on camera, not too dissimilar to one Christian Bale I might add and look where he is now.

      Is he the better actor? Sure, but Reese can hold her own just fine and has proven as much on more than one occasion. She's not my favorite actress by any means and I doubt the role of Penny is really big enough to show off her real range but I respect any actor/actress (someone like Channing Tatum even) who's willing and able to attach themselves to tough material and work with directors who'll challenge them.

      The hate and negativity coming from some of you folks is mind-boggling at times.

    7. Anonymus September 8, 2013 at 4:38 PM

      Thanks!:) But Anonymus #2 is another member, I'm Anonymus #3.:) No, I haven't got an internet blowjob, I'm just a simple user who likes the good films (drama, comedy, etc.), actors/actresses. That's all...:)

    8. "Where can I send your internet blowjob?"

      I read this as INHERENT BLOWJOB

  3. Olivia Wilde really got Julianne Moore's inflection down to a tee. Great time!

  4. Does anyone have the Inherent Vice script? It seems really weird that it hasn't surfaced by now, like all his other. Desperate to read!!

    1. I'd like one too if anyone who has it would be so kind.

      Or you could just subscribe me to a bunch of porn sites, your choice.

  5. Jesse Eisenberg as Dirk Digler might actually work just as a one-man show. Seriously. Short of that, though, somebody should just cut a fake-trailer thingy of his existing movies put into Dirk-Digler context, because that is actually more than some bullshit I just made up.

  6. Apparently PTA birthed another spawn.

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