Saturday, June 21, 2014

Paul Thomas Anderson To Appear In Documentary About Robert Altman

Aside from possibly Jonathan Demme, Robert Altman is the American director PTA has most been vocal about in terms of influence on his own work. He famously worked as Altman's stand-by director on 2006's A Prairie Home Companion, and dedicated There Will Be Blood to him the following year. Now, some eight years after Altman's death, a new documentary (simply, aptly titled Altman) has emerged, and it discusses the work and life of the filmmaker with some of his closest friends, collaborators, and peers.

According to a new, and overall positive review from Variety's Scott Foundas, one among those subjects is Mr. Paul Thomas Anderson himself. 
[Director Ron] Mann... stages original interviews with such close Altman collaborators as Keith Carradine, Elliott Gould, Sally Kellerman and Lily Tomlin, as well as longtime fan Paul Thomas Anderson who served as Altman's insurance-dictated "back-up" director during the 2006 shooting of "A Prairie Home Companion." But in a bold formal stroke, he asks each of these subjects - elegantly photographed in medium closeup against a black background by Mann and DP Simon Ennis - only a single question: to define, in their own words, the term Altmanesque. 
Altman premiered yesterday, June 20, as part of UCLA Film and Television Archive's retrospective on Mr. Altman's career.  It will make its broadcast debut on EPIX on August 6.

IV: 174 days.

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