Friday, June 20, 2014

Warner Bros' Sue Kroll Says "Inherent Vice" Is A Masterpiece

In keeping with the early buzz Inherent Vice has received from industry insiders -- and perhaps not all that surprising given she is a representative of the company bankrolling the film -- Warner Bros' President of Marketing and Worldwide Distribution, Sue Kroll, has spoken to Deadline about the company's suite of upcoming projects and included some highly complimentary words about PTA's next:
Warners has a pretty full Academy slate after two very successful years in a row with 2012 Best Picture winner Argo and 2013's Gravity which picked up seven Oscars, along with an Original Screenplay win for Her and two other Oscars for The Great Gatsby. Kroll says the year looks good, including Paul Thomas Anderson's much-anticipated Inherent Vice.
"You're gonna love it. It's the most wonderful movie," says Kroll. "So entertaining, so smart, so fun. I think [it's] different for him but it's a masterpiece. I love it - I think it's my favorite movie of his except Magnolia."
Thanks to Christopher for the tip.

IV: 175 days

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  1. Is there confirmation that this movie is 100% in the can? Score done and mixed in? Final editing? Any word on length?

    1. I love that it's compared to MAGNOLIA

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Ian, it wasn't compared to Magnolia. The WB exec said it was her second favorite PTA film behind only Magnolia.

      Chris, the wikipedia page had it listed as 167 minutes for a few weeks but that's now been taken down. It could be bunk, but it's worth noting that time was listed on there very shortly after the screening(s) seen by the anonymous insiders in the early spring.

    4. Brian, it was compared to Magnolia by the WB exec who said it was her second favorite PTA film behind only Magnolia.

  2. Yea uh huh how about a god damn TRAILER?

  3. The wait is agonizing!! Let's see a trailer or a teaser poster! :D

  4. A teaser. A 30 second teaser. PLEASE

  5. er.. a statement from the president of marketing on one of their products... could a more worthless statement be made about the film?

    1. very true. personally though, I find her comparing it to magnolia nice to read. It gives the impression that she's a pretty serious fan of his, where she would say she actually prefers it over the film she's marketing, and that makes her statements on the film come off as more genuine, and as a result, more exciting. She could be going for that though.

  6. Boogie Nights: 155 minutes
    Magnolia: 188 minutes
    There Will Be Blood: 158 minutes
    The Master: 144 minutes

    So if it's 167 minutes, that would be the second-longest PTA film. Would be surprised if it's that long, especially if the best comparison for this might be The Long Goodbye, which comes in at under two hours. .... How do you sustain comedic tension/drama/mystery for almost three hours?

    1. uau... just, uau. 'how do you sustain.. bla bla' ,

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