Thursday, October 23, 2014

Admission To "Vice" Screening At AFI Will Be Free; Tickets Available Friday

AFI Fest has announced its full lineup, with some killer titles slated to screen. One amongst those titles is, of course, none other than Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice.

Tickets for the fest will be available starting Friday morning. That is, tomorrow morning. One thing about AFI Fest that you may/may not know (it was news to us) is that admission to the festival is 100% free to the public. So if you live in Hollywood, or are willing to make travel plans for the first week of November, you would be well advised to wake up bright and early tomorrow and snag a few tickets for Vice (or any other films that interest you) while they're hot. IV screens on November 8th.

Tickets will be available at this site starting tomorrow morning, though we don't have an exact time. Shooting for dawn-ish would be smartest, we think.

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IV (theatrical premiere): 49 days

Find more information about the film on our Inherent Vice page. 
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  1. "Noon" would appear to be one answer to when the tickets become available--but I can't swear what time zone they're referring to.

  2. FYI... AFI may offer free tickets - But they do not guarantee admission to screenings, especially Gala Events, which Vice is. You definitely need to reserve your tickets, or "Gala Vouchers" but it is all first come first serve on the day. Here is some info from AFI's FAQ page:


    A Gala voucher is a reservation for your place in line to our Gala screenings. If you have selected a Gala voucher online, the voucher will be included in your ticket order and will be available for pickup at the AFI FEST AT&T Box Office. A Gala voucher does not guarantee admission to the Gala screening. Admission is on a space-available basis.


    To use a Gala voucher, you must pick up your voucher at the AFI FEST AT&T Box Office prior to the film and take it to the Gala voucher line. Please arrive early to secure your place in line. Lines begin forming one hour prior to screening time.

  3. Yeah, I guess "free admission" is technically true--if you actually get admitted. I wonder if there will be a line to get in to wait to get in the line that "...begin forming one hour prior to screening time."?

    1. Yeah, I have gone to AFI fest the last two years. There is always a long line outside of every screening for non pass-holders. 15 minutes before showtime, they start letting in the free ticket and voucher holders, to fill up any remaining empty seats. I was always first in line for the films I really wanted to see, and always got in, but it is quite the crap shoot. And for a hight profile Gala Screening like this one, I would definitely be there much earlier than a hour before. And you still might get turned away. But it's PT, and it's free. Bring a book.

    2. "But it's PT, and it's free."

      That makes up for a LOT, I'll grant you that... ;-)

  4. Castro Theatre in SF is showing There Will Be Blood and What's Up Doc on November 23rd and 26th. Curious if Inherent Vice might be somewhere in between.

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  6. Well, how'd everybody do? Anybody score any Gala Vouchers? I gave up after almost an hour and a half. I think the tweet about "If you got in line before 12:15pm, you should probably refresh." was what did it for me... See ya all on Dec 12th! :D

    1. I got through and picked some up. But it was all luck of the click yesterday. There was definitely a system meltdown. I had 3 computers going at work, all before 12:15pm probably, and they all got stuck in waiting room purgatory. Then I jumped on a 4th one, most likely around 12:15 or 30, and got right through, and was even able to check out with another account for my friend who was stuck as well. For some reason that computer, at that time, just knew the magic word.

    2. Yeah I luckily got 4 tickets total. I refreshed at the perfect moment and then tried to get two more and the entire website was down.

      Now instead of it saying 'sold out' like all the other films, it says 'check back', so my only hope is that my orders went through correctly and the system crashing didn't wipe out the records of my tickets.




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