Monday, August 15, 2016

Criterion Punch-Drunk Love Coming Soon!

After the long wait, we have been blessed today with the details and cover artwork for the Criterion Collection's release of Punch-Drunk Love November 15th, 2016!

Chaos lurks in every corner of this giddily off-kilter foray into romantic comedy by Paul Thomas Anderson. Struggling to cope with his erratic temper, novelty toilet plunger salesman Barry Egan (Adam Sandler, demonstrating remarkable versatility in his first dramatic role) spends his days collecting frequent-flyer-mile coupons and dodging the insults of his seven sisters. 
The promise of a new life emerges when Barry inadvertently attracts the affections of a mysterious woman named Lena (Emily Watson), but their budding relationship is threatened when he falls prey to the swindling operator of a phone sex line and her deranged boss (played with maniacal brio by Philip Seymour Hoffman). 
Fueled by the careening momentum of a baroque-futurist score by Jon Brion, the Cannes-award-winning Punch-Drunk Love channels the spirit of classic Hollywood musicals and the whimsy of Jacques Tati into an idiosyncratic ode to the delirium of new romance

Here are the features that come with the disc:

4K digital transfer, supervised by director Paul Thomas Anderson, with 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on the Blu-ray
Blossoms & Blood, a twelve-minute 2002 piece by Anderson featuring Adam Sandler and Emily Watson, along with music by Jon Brion
New interview with Brion
New piece featuring behind-the-scenes footage of a recording session for the film’s soundtrack
New conversation between curators Michael Connor and Lia Gangitano about the art of Jeremy Blake
Additional artwork by Blake
Cannes press conference from 2002
NBC News interview from 2000 with David Phillips, “the pudding guy”
Twelve Scopitones
Deleted scenes
Mattress Man commercial

Visit their official page for the film here!


  1. Only bummer is not much new stuff in the way of extras. What if they had a commentary with Robert Elswit, Leslie Jones and Sue Chan, if PTA isn't going to do them anymore. .... Or what if they found someone to do a whole commentary advocating the "Lena is an alien" theory and pointing out the details that support that?

  2. No new commentary??? Cmon PTA!!!!

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