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During the promotional tour for her latest album "The Idler Wheel...", Fiona Apple mentioned Paul and her had begun developing a video for Hot Knife prior to filming "The Master." The video finally dropped late in the principal photography phase of "Inherent Vice." 

The music video for the original track "Here We Go" was edited by Paul, and created from alternate takes & unused sequences from Punch-Drunk Love. The video was initially released within a 13 minute sizzle reel montage on an extremely limited/rare DVD release titled "Blossoms & Blood."


An homage to old-time musical sequences, Fiona Apple moves gracefully along through the song with 20 choreographed 10-13 year old children. Paul Thomas Anderson executes the video using the usual long, sweeping shots with fast dolly/zoom shots to the timing to M. Rooney's dance sequencing.  The songs old time feel and dreamy/dark lyrics come to life here in the latest PTA offering.

This video seems to be done to the morning after the song's lyrics take place. With Fiona Apple waking in her clothes from the day previous, with signature shots such as Fiona yelling into the ear of her contented image on television. The last moments of the video are cut to the fast beat of the song, a very tricky and time consuming editing technique.

PTA says its "The most expensive music video ever shot", as Aimee is inserted into a re-created crucial scene of each of the 9 characters. Cut much like a sing-a-long with many new stunt shots that were created for the video, including one with a moving piano, tables & a spinning couch with Hall & Aimee all moving at once throughout the frame.

The video was shot with many of the new camera tricks & techniques PTA was experimenting with in Magnolia. The opening of the video is shot with the 1920's Lumiere camera Paul used for the Greenberry Hill sequence, as well as a new effect; having the camera operators dropping different lenses into the camera while filming, creating the circular/flip cuts in the train station.

From the soundtrack of "Pleasantville."' Filmed in 5 long continuous shots, consisting of Fiona Apple oblivious to the chaos of many men destroying a soda shop. Many impressive moments, including the camera passing across a mirror & its reflection is not shown. Shot in black & white featuring a prominent cameo by John C. Reilly.

Shot in one of the longest hallways in North America, "Try" includes "Boogie Nights" talent (Hoffman, Walters, Jane). Look for an homage to Pollack's "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?". PTA trickery: Michael Penn weaving in and out of the hallway (into a door, and ending up behind the camera, as it continues to pull back.)


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  3. I would love to see the Joanna Newsom stuff, the Radiohead video and the Haim live session posted here. The Radiohead music video in particular is like one of the coolest music videos ever made.

  4. It's a tragedy that he's spent this amount of time and effort on music videos when he should be continuing his work as a full fledged auteur. But judging from his last film, I doubt his conviction moving forward anyway.

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