Friday, June 23, 2000

June 23, 2000

Archived update from Cigarettes & Coffee, run by Greg Mariotti & CJ Wallis from 1999-2005

In celebration of today's Flashback Friday, I recently obtained the Boogie Nights Oneline Schedule (Shooting Schedule) dated May 23, 1996. It confirms many rumored scenes that were filmed, but have never seen the light of day. I will list the day it was shot, scene location & the description that is given.
Day #2
: Little Bill's Station Wagon - Moving: 
Little Bill tells his wife not to embarrass him - she hits him
Day #5: 
Hot Traxx Nightclub
: Maurice seals envelope addressed to his family in Puerto Rico
Maurice sends videotape and letter to his brothers in Puerto Rico.
Day #11: 
Bakersfield Denny's: 
Becky waits for Dirk, and is befriended by old Mr. Brown.
Mr. Brown offers to help Becky.
Day #12
: Jack's House/Living Room: 
Dirks listens to Jack tell his "fin" story, and eventually has sex with Rollergirl.
Day #13
: Jack's Driveway
: Little Bill berates wife as they leave - Limo Driver consoles Young Stud - Colonel leaves.
Day #15
: Jack's Driveway: 
Little Bill and his wife arrives, Rollergirl snaps photo and asks what's wrong.
Day #27: 
Jack's Office: 
Jack pitches story to Colonel and tells him he's going to cast Dirk.
Day #34 - #35
: Dirk's New House
: Reed tells Dirk that Johnny Doe's dead - the phone rings and it's Becky.
Dirk hurries to save Beck, but first stops to get some coke to take with him.
Dirk hops in his corvette and takes off.
Dirk shows Reed the busted car and lets the phone ring.
Day #43
: Dirk's Parent's House: 
Dirk pushes car to cul-de-sac - he's at his parent's house, Sheryl Lynn lives there now.
Dirk learns his parents are dead, he is upset and Sheryl Lynn asks him inside.
Sheryl Lynn makes Dirk breakfast, Dirk calls Reed, Husband watches, Baby cries.
Day #44
: Ventura Blvd: Rollergirl and Dirk meet up and walk (roll) to Jack's house.
Dirk tells Rollergirl that he wants a Corvette as they walk to Jack's house.
Rollergirl tells Dirk she quit school as they walk to Jack's house.
Day #45
: Vince's Gym
: Dirk and Reed work out.
Buck teaches Dirk and Reed karate.
Jack's new offices, shipping tapes, editing, the works - two Police men arrive.
Day #46 - #47
: Dirk's Corvette - Moving: 
Dirk drives to save Becky, smashes his Corvette, then drives off.
The accident involving Johnny Doe and Dirk's parents, in which everybody dies.
Day #48: 
Party Boys Strip Club: 
Dirk and Todd prepare for show - Reed says crowd is "a little light".
Dirk and Todd dance; Drunk Guys mock Dirk.
Six Months Later (Sept 1983): Establish strip club - marquee with Dirk Diggler's name.
Day #49
: Bakersfield House: 
Becky begs Dirk to save her - they make plans to meet - Jerome beats her more.
Becky hits Jerome with frying pan from behind, repeatedly.
Jerome beats and berates Becky about being in porn.
Becky runs from her house and off down the street.
Establish Becky and Jerome's ideal home - hear violence over shot.
Day #50
: Bakersfield Retirement Home: 
Becky is a nurse now - she feeds Mr. Brown soup and smiles.
Mr. Brown tries to sneak Becky into the home - a Nurse sees her.
Mr. Brown sets Becky up for bed, and she sleeps.
Mr. Brown and Becky walk to retirement home.
Day #52: 
El Puelbo Motel: 
Establish crappy motel and Dirk's corvette and U-Haul.
Day #55 - #56
: Rahad Jackson's House
: Rahad is a maniac - he sees police lights and fires at them - they return fire and Rahad is killed.
Day #60
: Puerto Rico Street: 
Maurice's 2 brothers open letter and see picture of Maurice and Rollergirl.
Maurice brothers watch video tape and comment on his small cock.
So as you can see, there was a lot of extraneous material that was cut from the film. Hopefully all of the Becky/Jerome/Dirk footage will be included on the DVD.  I don't know about you, but I would love the see the footage of Dirk & Cheryl Lynn at Dirk's old house & Mark Wahlberg/Thomas Jane dancing at the Party Boys Strip Club!

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