Friday, May 20, 2011

PTA Suggested Kirsten Dunst To Lars Von Trier For ‘Melancholia'

A quick bit of Friday news for you all. As you may be aware, the Cannes Film Festival is underway in France right now and filmmakers/provacateur/friend of PTA, Lars Von Trier has gotten himself into a bit of trouble over some remarks he made during a press conference. But we're not here to talk about what is presumably a misunderstanding from the troublemaking auteur, we're here to mention that he got the idea for his latest leading lady from Paul! According to an interview with Von Trier for Indiewire...

So you ended up casting Kirsten Dunst, who gives a great performance. Had you seen her in something like “Spiderman”?
I have seen her in several things, but I had had a long discussion with Paul Thomas Anderson years ago about this project, and he suggested her. And she was available.
So there you have it. While we're not sure how the pair know each other, it's cool to see Paul recommend the actress even though the duo have yet to work together.
In other non-news, if you missed it at the end of our last post we rather cryptically suggested checking out John Huston's 1979 religious satire, "Wise Blood." While we can't confirm it as an official DVD pick, it seems there may be a few surface similarities in that film and what we know about 'The Master' project so far. So if you're into that kind of thing, the film is available on Hulu+ and Netflix from the Criterion Collection.
So, happy Friday. And as always, you can get the latest news on Cigarettes & Red Vines on Twitter and Facebook.


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