Monday, November 21, 2011

Praise For PTA Continues; Amy Adams Talks ‘The Master'

Well the unofficial press tour continues. Collider recently got a chance to sit down with Amy Adams and after their chat about "The Muppets" asked about her collaboration with PTA on 'The Master,' (a title which she did not correct, btw). Watch the clip and you can see her get visibly excited to talk about the experience.
Amy Adams: It was amazing. I have to say it feels like, it almost feels like it didn't happen. I know that sounds very strange to say but you kind of go into this world where you're so invested in the character and Joaquin [Phoenix] and Philip [Seymour Hoffman] are so amazing and you're just in it. It was just an amazing experience, enveloping and really transformative for me personally so I just hope that's on the screen. I mean it's Paul Thomas Anderson.

Collider: He's known for doing really long takes, did you get to do any of those famous long takes?

Amy: Yeah, yeah it was really fun.
Update 11/22: NYMag also spoke to the actress who managed to get another brief quote from Ms. Adams.
NYMag: I have to say, though, the film I'm most excited for is the one you just made with Paul Thomas Anderson ...
... which was an incredible experience.
NYMag: He directs so rarely ... what was that set like?
It's hard to talk about right now, because it was such a surreal experience. I had so many great moments on that set, working with Philip and Joaquin, who are so committed that they just pull you right in. It almost doesn't feel real. It feels like it was a dream, like it didn't really happen. But Paul's a lot funnier than I expected. He is! And I don't know what I expected, but it was a remarkable experience for me. It's my third film with Philip, so it's no secret that I totally love him and would do anything with him, but to get to work with him in this way was really a dream.
There you have it. Drips and drabs. So far we've gotten very tight lipped responses from about half the cast: Laura Dern, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rami Malek and now, Adams. Just think, it can't be too much longer before we get our first look at an actual frame of film. In the meantime you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates.


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