Tuesday, November 08, 2011

PTA Moderates ‘Hugo' Q&A! Updated ‘Master' Synopsis! More!

It may not be terribly exciting, actually it's even less interesting than the one that debuted over the summer, but the above image is a brand new promo poster for Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project which was spotted at the American Film Market by Collider. The site has also brought us a (slightly modified) synopsis:
Written and directed by Academy Award nominee Paul Thomas Anderson (the acclaimed director of, There Will Be Blood, Magnolia and Boogie Nights), this story stars Academy Award winner Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote) and Academy Award-nominee Joaquin Phoenix (Walk the Line). Set in America in the years following World War II, a charismatic intellectual (Hoffman) launches a faith-based organization and taps a young drifter (Phoenix) as his right-hand man. But as the faith begins to gain a fervent following, the onetime vagabond finds himself questioning the belief system he has embraced, and his mentor. A truly one-of-a-kind drama, which promises magnetic virtuoso performances, the film marks the fifth collaboration between Anderson and Hoffman, following Hard Eight, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and Punch Drunk Love.
Now many of you are probably asking, why is it being billed as "Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project" after we thought it had been titled "The Master" back in June? Well, we're not sure actually. In June @TheInsneider at Variety said it was confirmed (and we figured Variety was a pretty legit source) but it seems very possible that may not be the final title after all or maybe Paul's just keeping his options open. It would definitely be a little strange at this point to start referring to it as something else, especially after a year of it being "The Master" but trust in Paul, all will be revealed.

In other news, this past weekend (while both myself and Mr. FortyFPS were in LA, mind you) Paul popped up to introduce a special screening of Martin Scorsese's latest, "Hugo" and also stuck around to moderate the Q&A with Scorsese, DP Robert Richardson, composer Howard Shore, production designer Dante Ferretti, edtitor Thelma Schoonmaker, and visual effects supervisor Robert Legato. You can watch a few videos of the talk below via Hollywood Elsewhere and listen to the entire thing over at Hitfix (scroll to the bottom). (Thanks @TheMcRaj for the link.)

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  1. That was pretty great. PTA should moderate everything, even if he does look like he's kind of falling asleep haha. I wonder if/when he will make a film in 3D

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