Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cigs & Vines Discusses ‘The Master' With The Auteurcast; More Podcasts

Chances are, if you've seen "The Master" by now you've done a fair bit of reading about the film as well. From the reviews to the interviews to the 'what-does-it-all-mean' pieces (like this excellent one from Vulture), the film has become a hot topic of conversation and should prove to be for some time to come. We've read probably 50+ reviews of the film and continue to check them out on Twitter as our readers send them in. We've also been enjoying listening to a few podcasts for more in-depth analysis. We recommend checking out Slate's Spoiler Special for a great hour-long discussion of the film and Grantland's Hollywood Prospectus podcast as well. Our friends over at The Auteurcast have been doing a series on the films of Paul Thomas Anderson and were kind enough to invite 1/2 of the Cigs & Vines team (me) on to discuss "The Master." The 90 minute conversation was barely enough time to scratch the surface of the film but hopefully will be an entertaining listen nonetheless.*

You can download The Auteurcast podcast on "The Master" here.
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*Please excuse the trailing off, 'ummm's and describing everything as 'great.' I missed my podcast training class.


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