Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Listen To 2 Brand New Interviews With PTA On NPR & CBC

The press tour for "The Master" continues and both NPR and CBC have posted excellent audio interviews with PTA which you can listen to in their entirety at the links below.

At Fresh Air Paul talks about the origins of "The Master" and how the first thing he wrote was the processing scene.
"Well, it's inspired by the actual questionnaire that's out there as relates to Scientology, but I had changed it and switched it around. And I came to that many years ago, and actually found it was a great way to just start writing. Forget any implications of making a film or story about this — it was really just writer's block and sitting around. The best way for me to start writing a story is to get two characters talking to each other. And if you got questions from one, you're gonna have to get answers from the other, and you can start to find out who is coming out of you when you're writing, if you know what I mean."
Listen to the 45 minute interview with Fresh Air.

At CBC Paul spoke about his career evolution and how he is determined to keep pushing himself to doing something different (something I spoke about recently).
"I have no game plan except to try to keep making this interesting for myself & try to keep moving forward. To never stay in the same place creatively too long. And keep being nervous and scared and all the rest and not get too comfy. That's what I've tried to do all along. And it always feels better that way to go to work and be on a tightrope and not be so sure. That's a great thrill and a great privilege and I hope we can keep scaring ourselves."
Listen to the 18 minute interview with CBC.


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  1. Thanks for the links. I didn't care too much for the CBC interview. The host was a little too sycophantic. A little too much about what PTA feels and believes. I wish it were more about his artist aesthetic and the film making process.

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