Monday, October 15, 2012

PTA DVD Pick: Breaking Away (1979)

It's been quite some time, but longtime readers of the site will remember a semi-regular feature at Cigs & Vines called "PTA DVD Pick" wherein we would feature a film Paul had recently recommended for optional viewing/purchase. (This was, of course, started well before the existence of Blu-rays but you get the idea.) Thanks to the interview with Sirius XM, we have a few new ones but we'll start with "Breaking Away" (1979). The Peter Yates ("Bullitt") directed drama stars a young Dennis Quaid, Jackie Earle Haley and Daniel Stern and the synopsis reads: a small-town teen obsessed with the Italian cycling team vies for the affections of a college girl. Paul calls it "essential viewing."
MA:  Is there an old classic that you think is essential viewing?

PTA:  That's a long list, too.  Something that may be off the beaten track.  I don't know if this is a classic or essential but I was thinking of a film yesterday that just popped into my head that I haven't seen in a few.  Breaking Away.  Does anyone remember that film ?

MA:  Paul Dooley.

PTA:  That's right.  Paul Dooley.   And Dennis Quaid.  Jackie Earle Haley.  I think Peter Yates made that film.  And, God, what a great film.  What a terrific film.  That popped into my mind for whatever reason the other day.  Yeah, I was thinking about it because the son comes out and the Italians have just made him crash.  And he comes and he's crying and Paul Dooley says, "What's the matter?  Did you lose your wallet?"  And it made me laugh out loud walking down the street.

MA:  Great movie.
If you haven't seen it or think it's time for another look, the film is available on DVD (but not Blu-ray) and can be purchased at Amazon (or streamed) and is also available from Netflix. You can Check out all PTA's DVD Picks here.

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  1. "If you eat so much, Moocher, how come you're so damned small?"

  2. The key name they forgot to list in relation to Breaking Away is Steve Tesich, its genius screenwriter. (He won an Oscar for Breaking Away) He died young, but he wrote at least 4 terrific films (Breaking Away, The World According to Garp, Four Friends, and Eyewitness), all of which are must sees. American Flyer's a decent guilty pleasure too -- and an interesting companion piece to Breaking Away.

  3. There's nothing in the film picks link!

    1. Try opening in a browser without Adblocker. They're all Amazon links.

  4. Breaking Away's script has its moments, but not enough to warrant an Academy Award.

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